Factors that are encouraging businesses to adopt e-invoicing

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Paper invoices require more time and resources to process. Businesses are choosing to adopt e-invoicing as it is more accurate and saves time. Having clear insights into their finances also makes it easier for businesses to react to changes in the marketplace.


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THE DRIVING FACTORS BEHIND ADOPTING ELECTRONIC INVOICE An electronic invoice system makes it possible for businesses to get a real time view of their finances. This makes it possible for them to make better financial decisions and be more agile in their response to unexpected market fluctuations. http://www.basware.se/


CHALLENGES OF PAPER INVOICES Paper invoices pose many challenges for businesses. They require manual labor for processing. This increases the need for staff. They are prone to error. Paper invoices have to be physically delivered which leads to additional costs for delivery.


INVOICE SCANNING An electronic invoice system means that the need for manual data entry is eliminated. Invoices can be scanned and information like supplier id, quantity, product name, price, etc , can be automatically captured. This eliminates the possibility of errors.


GOING GREEN E-Invoicing reduces reliance on paper and reduces the need to cut down trees to make paper. Increasing sustainability is one of the key directives for the European Union and hence it has been promoting electronic invoices. http://www.basware.se/paketeringar

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