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AUTISM History, Diagnosis, Causes, and Treatments

History: Definition and Discovery:

History: Definition and Discovery Autism is a social disability that usually appears during a child’s first three years; and does not allow the brain to carry on functions normally in social and communicational areas. Autism was first discovered during the early 1900s. Eugene Bleuler , a psychiatrist, was the first to use the name ‘autism’ in 1912. However, autism was simply considered another kind of schizophrenia. Psychiatrist Leo Kanner is attributed to have isolated autism into a new disorder. Dr. Hans Asperger identified a ‘high functioning’ type of Autism which is known as Asperger’s Syndrome.

Foundations and Organizations:

Foundations and Organizations Autism Key: For and by parents that have an autistic child . Started in 2005 and provides information and forums to comment on topics , giving each topic various points of view . Contact AUTISM KEY, LLC 7050 W. Palmetto Park Road, Suite 15-549 Boca Raton, FL 33433 (561) 948-6014 US Autism and Asperger Association : Gives guidance , information , education and training to those who are Autistic or are parents of one who does . US Autism & Asperger Association P.O. Box 532 Draper, UT 84020-0532 801-816-1234

Autistic People:

Autistic People Temple Grandin : Born in Boston on August 29th, 1947. She has spent her life improving conditions and techiniques used in animal slaughterers . She has also written many books on Autism and emphasizes the talent behind it . Among her numerous awards , she has won: Autism Society of America (1989), Woman of the Year in Service to Agriculture (1999), and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (1999). George Orwell and Emily Dickinson are thought to have been Autistic due to the social conflicts they had throughout their life . Cattle Coral invented by Temple

Diagnosis: Symptoms:

Diagnosis: Symptoms Some of the symptoms include : Does not say single words by 16 months Does not fear or worry towards danger Over or lack of sensitivity towards pain Avoids eye contact Prefers to be alone Finds it difficult to communicate and express his or her needs Rutinary Harms himself out of anger Avoids cuddling Finds it difficult relating and associating with others Oversensitivity to loud noises and colors


Probability Around 20 people out of 10,000 have Autism. This is, about 2%. Autism mainly affects males . This is why 80% of the autistic population is male. It is one of the most common disorders throughtout the world. Apart from gender, Autism is found everywhere, independent of factors such as ethnicity.



Causes for Autism:

Causes for Autism Presently, the ultimate cause for Autism is unknown . Anything that can damage the nervous system and genetics are thought to be involved in Autism. This is theorized to be because of chromosal displacement . It is also thought that Mercury deposits in the social and language areas of the brain is responsible for Autism. About 10% of Autism cases are because of genetics. It is unknown which gene is accounted for Autism, and if just a single gene or a multiple of genes are accountable for Autism.

Causes for Autism:


Prevention and Treatment :

Prevention and Treatment There is no way to prevent it. Autistic individuals have a normal life expectancy. There is also no treatment that can ultimately cure Autism. However, some treatments are available to improve some social or speaking skills: A specialized treatment by a speech-language pathologist. Parents can teach him/her conversation skills such as taking turns talking and eye contact. For more serious Autism, sign language can be taught when the child lacks language skills. Temple Grandin invented a ‘hugging machine’ to calm her nerves. This is now used in many places.

Temple Grandin’s ‘Hug Machine’ :

Temple Grandin’s ‘Hug Machine’ This ‘hugging machine’ was based on a machine used to calm cattle in cattle corals. Temple noticed how they suddenly calmed themselves in it, and decided to build one for herself to use it when needed. This is now used for Autistics to relax.


Treatment Though there is no ultimate treatment available, scientists are researching on a treatment to repair the abnormal functioning of the nervous system using stem cells. This treatment is not proven, but has helped some patients.

Autism Awareness Day- April 2nd :

Autism Awareness Day- April 2 nd A special day in which different Autism organizations come together and organize fundraising and awareness events. This event was made official by the United Nations on December 18 th , 2007.


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