How to create a reading-friendly home for your children

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In this PowerPoint presentation, we are going to advise the parents to do their bit to encourage children to read and take a keen interest in books. We have suggested some points here. For more details, contact us: (310) 541-2405


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How to create a reading-friendly home for your children? :

How to create a reading-friendly home for your children? Submitted By - Salintha Gunasekara (310) 541-2405

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In this era of media overdose, it is imperative for parents to create a reading-friendly home for their children. During the past era, reading books was an important entertainment option for the kids. But not anymore, audio-visual media has robbed books of their charm, and everyone wants to watch and hear rather than read. However, as  childcare Torrance, CA  experts we advise the parents to do their bit to encourage children to read and take a keen interest in books. 

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Our first advice is to create a perfect library for them. Yes, when you provide kids with enough reading materials they will, of course, take interest in them. There are different types of board books that can be purchased to create an interesting collection for children. Your library should be a perfect blend of educational books as well as storybooks. You will find enough options available in the market.  Secondly , place these books within the eyesight of the child. Arrange them in a place where your kid can readily access them. There is no point of keeping them high up whereby they have to run up to you each time. Yes, they will create a mess with it, but you have to stay patient. Slowly they will understand the worth of books and even start arranging them neatly themselves. 

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Thirdly, if you have already exposed your child to audio-visual media there is no point in trying to forcibly convert him/her into an avid reader. Rather, create a schedule where the media viewing time and reading time are equal. And when the child is reading do not access any media yourself. As  childcare Torrance, CA  experts we would suggest you pick up a book of your choice yourself and start reading.  Fourthly, parents need to participate in the book reading time. They need to read out the stories if the child is not too comfortable reading. If the child has already started picking up letters, then encourage him/her to read and guide the child when needed. With your assistance the child will get better at reading and this will auger well for future academics.

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Fifthly, it is important to create a special reading zone in the house. This place needs to fit with attractive lighting. You also need to change the reading materials from time to time. Children get bored very quickly and to keep them enthusiastic you have to purchase new books and magazines periodically.  The lessons children learn at a tender age tend to stick with them for the rest of their lives. By encouraging your kid to read books, you keep him/her ahead in academics for the rest of his/her life. 


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