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In this power point presentation, we are going to discuss about the Montessori Method of teaching, its benefits and more. For more details contact us: (310) 541-2405


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Email: Site: Email: Site: Montessori Schools: Progressive Education for Children from Beginning Stage The Montessori learning education is a kind of learning that allows the children to grow according to their psychological need. This unique method was invented Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori she has observed children that when they are free and have their freedom they learn a lot more than usual. Children need to set free and Montessori schools and Preschool Chino Hills CA effectively utilities the prescribed approach. Montessori schools have several courses to offer which will set the mind of every young children free. Even the guardians have to go through a few things to understand the process offered by any Montessori school.

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Email: Site: Email: Site: ● There is a class named as antenatal this offers weekly sessions with parents and of course children in a different environment which is basically designed to meet the developmental needs of a younger child to mostly one-year-old infants. Here in this session the parents can observe their children and also guide them to explore the age- appropriate toys and activities offered by the school. The toys mostly include puzzles and many bright toys as well. ● There is an infant community once the child is ready and passed the parents guide program they will directly be transferred to the infant community. The community usually involves children from age one to three. Infant community sessions are held 4 mornings per week and it generally includes activities which focus on the childrens hand-eye coordination practical life skills creativity and language. The sense of community is a very necessary part which helps children to grow and expand their developing skills. Preschool Chino Hills CA is the perfect place for such sessions.

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Email: Site: Email: Site: ● Along with attending their sessions with children they can also be part of the discussion which usually held on once in every week. This session will help the parents to grow the development milestones which is expected for every age group and tips on how to meet the childrens psychological needs as they grow older because it keeps changing with every phase. Preschool Chino CA takes care of parents education towards the children and the childrens of course. They even make sure that the parents can do great art and craft things so that they can parents can make their children do that in a creative way. ● The principal of Montessori methods are very much popular and applied in every sort of teaching sessions. The unrestricted and spontaneous approach of learning and inhale new things the bond of parents and children grow stronger and the proper way doesnt remain unknown to the parents as well. The key traits of any Montessori school and Preschool Chino CA are freedom and respect for each other. These key traits are responsible for a bright future as well. The parents learn every little thing to maintain with their children after birth till a certain age and these things are nothing but unique which only a Montessori school can offer. For more details Contact Us: 909 396 –8747 Thank You

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