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Experience maximum cultural immersion while in London. Just don't be a mere spectator in the city’s activities rather become a participant and experience the adventure. Here is the guide for you that will take you to the journey of cultural immersion in London.


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Secret Adventures in London - Culture Immersion Being in London is like getting transported to another era. Just look at the quaint restaurants buildings and museums most of these have been around for more than a century. For some tourists these places exist only in history books. While it ’s a rule of thumb to NEVER miss plays walking tours and concerts in London it ’s always better to book one of the best hotels near Wembley Arena and make sure to up the game and experience London in a more challenging way. Welcome to immersion. Culture immersion is a big thing now in London. Instead of being a mere spectator in the city ’s activities you become a participant and experience the adventure.

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Solve a Whodunit Mystery Everybody probably knows who Jack the Ripper is and is thanking the gods that he ’s long passed. After all you wouldn ’t want to see him in the flesh would you But perhaps you ’d enjoy the feeling of what it was like to solve the Whitechapel murders. You portray a member of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee and unveil the mystery surrounding the chilling deaths of Elizabeth Stride Catherine Eddowes Mary Ann Nichols Annie Chapman and Mary Jane Kelly. Join Shrek in his Adventure You and your family could choose a more child-friendly immersion instead: Shrek ’s Adventure. But there ’s also a version of this adventure for adults where you can sit in the Poison Apple Pub and rub elbows with your favorite green ogre. Two drinks cost only 29 British pounds. You can book a stay at Best Western Hotels London UK and check out the rest of the interactive experiences featuring equally fun and interesting characters from Shrek. Eat on the Tube Snacking on trains is a no-no in some stations but in London ’s underground you get to eat all you want. The Underground Supper Club provides you a one-of-a-kind dining experience right on the Tube itself. With the transport system as the locale people get to dine while savoring an entirely different view there really isn ’t any remarkable view OUTSIDE but the interiors of Basement Gallery captures luxury dining in trains. Think of plush seats gourmet dishes and accommodating chefs. Down the Rabbit Hole Another underground adventure that you could try is one that is inspired by Lewis Carroll ’s Alice in Wonderland. This experience essentially captures what is described in the novels and brings them to life for people to enjoy. In this immersive theatre experience you ’ll meet Les EnfantsTerribles who ’d take you along a crazy tumble of characters: the Queen of Hearts the Mad Hatter and the white rabbit.

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