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Are you looking for the best place to buy swim spa and want to know information like the advantage of buying a swim spa, benefits of swim spa, prices and more then get in touch with Palmetto, they will assist you and recommend you the best one.


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Benefits of Swim Spas Swim Spa is considered as a suitable alternative to Swimming pools. Swim Spas have adjustable water currents. These are less costly and cover a small area whereas Swimming Pools cover a large area. Useful for exercise and for maintaining good health these are easy to install inside and outside besides being economical. These have low maintenance cost. Conventional swimming pool is costly and requires a large area for installation therefore is not suitable for Tract/Speculation homes which have limited space. Presently we have 27 designs to offer. Please check with us you will be delighted. Advantages of buying a Swim Spa • Swim Spa is the new addition to Pool and Hot Tub Family: This new item known as Swim Spa has been added to the pool and spa family during the last decade. A Swim Spa is a mixture of a hot tub to retreat for relaxation and a mini pool for exercise and enjoyment. A person can comfortably swim in his place against water current in this mini pool. A Swim Spa in the backyard of your house is an important investment on your part. • Swim Spas for Your Home and Garden: A Swim Spa requires a size starting with 12ft long X 8ft wide X 4ft deep. Its capacity is approximately 1500 gallons of water as against a pool which has the capacity of 15000 to 40000 gallons. Swim Spa is popular for residences as this can be easily accommodated in smaller area. Palmetto is one such brand which proffers customers reasonable swim spas for sale. The temperature of water in a Swim Spa can be managed from 70 degrees to 104 degrees around the year to suit the requirement in a particular period. A Swim Spa gives space for an ozonator reduces use of chemical and heating cost. It saves up to 40 the cost of operating a swimming pool. This can be installed above ground and in-ground allowing it to be moved in case so needed.

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• Swim Spas for Your Health: Swim Spa in the backyard of your house is there for your health fitness and therapy. What a wonderful situation Water exercise is very much fruitful for improving a person’s health. It affects and benefits the entire body from toes to the head. Persons of any age group with any physical status can practice water exercise. Doctors recommend vertical water exercise every year to more than 6 million people. A few good results are cardiovascular fitness strength training and weight management. Water Calisthenics i.e. physical exercise in water increases your mobility reduces stiffness and brings relief to pain in muscles and joints. It improves peripheral blood circulation. However if you are looking for the best swim spas near you Palmetto is the one such brand that customers can rely on. • Swim Spas for Water Therapy: Chronic illnesses like Arthritis and Fibromyalgia can be treated by water therapy. This therapy is an alternative to western medicine for these types of illness. The buoyancy the upward thrust of water keeps the body floating and relaxes it by removing pressure off bones and joints. The floating body moves freely and improves strength by swimming against the resistance of water. This movement against water resistance does not risk any infirmity or defect in the body. Doing regular exercise and stretching in different warm temperatures of a Swim Spa you will be delighted to feel reduction in pains because of the low impact involved. Palmetto offers hot tubs swim spa pool tables ping-pong tables billiards and many more items as recreational measure. These will assist you to relax after day’s tiredness. So visit Palmetto for these products which will improve your lifestyle and also rejuvenate your body concurrently.

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