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Sokkia SRX Product Introduction Powerpoint Presentation. In this document, you will learn about the incredible new features of the SRX robotic total station. Palmetto Equipment and Supply, Inc. is an Authorized Dealer for Sokkia for over 20 years. For more info visit


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SRXSokkia Robotic Total Station: 

SRX Sokkia Robotic Total Station New Product Introduction


SRX Sokkia SRX is a completely new, revolutionary, next-generation Robotic Total Station Stress-free Complete Remote Control RED-Tech EX Enhanced Reflectorless EDM IACS Technology RAB-code angle encoder Bluetooth Wireless Technology Multiple Data Interfaces

New Features: 

New Features Completely new environmental-friendly design New motors and jog dials for precise positioning and accurate aiming Side mounted trigger key New precise and reliable absolute encoders New dual-mode Auto-pointing and Auto-tracking New enhanced On-Demand Remote Control System Integrated long-range Bluetooth wireless technology New Enhanced EXtended reflectorless technology New touch screen color display Windows CE 5 operating system New On-board software Compact Flash Card support (up to 1GB) and USB ports Serial data/power port. Flexible power system Dust proof and waterproof construction even when external devices are connected

SRX Design Concept: 

SRX Design Concept An eco-friendly design that is harmonious with people and the environment Materials: Environmental pollutants eliminated (Non-solvent paint, Lead-free electromechanical parts and Lead-free solder) complies with RoHS standard Operability: Ergonomic design with controls that are easy to read and easy to find Coloring: color tones chosen to create a sophisticated image and Metallic display design arouses the curiosity to touch Productivity: Corresponds to Synchronized Manufacturing System Corresponds to Built To Order system concept (selectable and upgradeable features)

SRX Motor Drive and Jog Dials: 

SRX Motor Drive and Jog Dials Precise positioning provided by new DC motors and accurate sighting with newly-designed jog dials A quick measurement trigger key has been added for measurement while keeping an eye on the telescope New precise dual-axis compensator with wider working range DC Motors for H&V Self Lock Servo Motor Speed : 45deg/s Increased response speed by incorporating an encoder with the motor. (SETx110M does not include the dedicated motor encoder.) Trigger Key To start measurement JOG Dials Fit to fingers and easy to rotate. Rotation speed of instrument changes according to the rotation speed of the dials. Same operational feeling as the conventional manual TS and easy fine adjustment. Dual Axis Compensator Working range : +/-4'

Competitive Comparison: 

Competitive Comparison Motor drive performance and compensation range is similar to competing models

New absolute encoders: 

New absolute encoders Building on Sokkia’s patented RAB-code based absolute encoders, the new SRX encoders incorporate “IACS”, or Independent Angle Calibration System; a patent-pending new technique for precise and reliable angle reading 0.5”, 1”, 2”, 3”, & 5” angle accuracies are capable of being produced.

Auto-pointing and Auto-tracking system: 

Auto-pointing and Auto-tracking system A CCD (“camera”) type sensor has been added to replace the older style linear sensors used in the previous Series 110MC and Series 230RMC models A linear sensor detects peak light volume on a single dimension A CCD area sensor detects an image of the reflected light Series 110MC and 230RMC linear sensors New SRX CCD area sensor Auto Pointing & Auto Tracking Light Source : 830nm LD (invisible) CCD Area Sensor

Auto-pointing and Auto-tracking system: 

Auto tracking is available using a CCD Area Sensor instead of a Line Sensor Auto pointing for both prisms & sheets, prism auto tracking A high image update rate allows for high speed tracking of targets Auto tracking By comparing current images with the previous ones, the speed and the direction of moving prism is predicted. Auto Tracking Range : 5~800m w/AP01 Range : 5~500m w/360º ATP1 Speed : 14º/s (5m/s @20m, 25m/s @100m) Auto-pointing and Auto-tracking system

New ATP1 Prism: 

New ATP1 Prism To meet the needs of Auto-tracking, the new Sokkia ATP1 Prism was developed Six precision-ground corner cubes mounted in a rugged rubberized housing with solid metal core No horizontal offset between prisms -7mm prism constant 5/8 x 11 mounting thread on top and bottom SRX onboard software now includes a Target Manager Applet, allowing the user to create separate target profiles and unique PC settings Reflector (360º Prism ATP1) Range ATP1 : 1.3~1000m (average atmospheric condition) Accuracy : 2mm+2ppm (1”~5” instrument) Beam spot : Φ200mm @100m Beam divergence : +/-3.5'


Vertical error results in misclosures on elevations and F1-F2 shots Horizontal error results in misclosures of traverses and and F1-F2 shots

How vertical error is addressed: 

How vertical error is addressed

Dual-mode Auto-pointing system: 

Auto Pointing Repeatability : <3” (+angle accuracy) Range : 2~1000m w/AP01 Range : 5~50m w/Reflective Sheet Range : 2~600m w/360º Prism ATP1 Dual-mode Auto-pointing system Two selectable search modes Auto-pointing to prisms or reflective sheets is possible Fine Mode: This mode aligns the image of the prism with the center of the crosshairs; useful for backsights and precise aiming from the instrument Rapid Mode: this mode calculates the distance and angle offset from the center of the target image to the center of the crosshairs for fast and precise aiming

Auto-pointing and Auto-tracking system: 

Enhanced target search systems The traditional search patterns available in the RMC series is still available User defined click-and-drag “Global Search” range now available, 0-90º vertical, 0-360º horizontal Auto-pointing and Auto-tracking system Global Search Range Setting

Competitive Comparison: 

Competitive Comparison Auto-pointing range and capability is similar or superior to competing models

Competitive Comparison: 

Competitive Comparison Auto-tracking performance is similar to competing models

Revised On-Demand system: 

Revised On-Demand system The previous “turn-and-locate” target acquisition system has been refined and enhanced Various components have been integrated into a single compact system Speed and performance has been enhanced

SRX "On-demand" Remote Control System: 

SRX "On-demand" Remote Control System The newly-designed RC-PR3 is compact and durable. (IP55) The new system enhanced auto-tracking performance with instant target reacquisition RC-PR3 Beam Emitter with Bluetooth Class1 & 2 Range : 2~150m (Near) / 300m (Far) Beam covers +30º to -40º vertically Battery: BDC46A Detachable Handle integrated with Beam Detector and Bluetooth Class1 Range : 2~150m ( Near) / 300m (Far) Beam detector range : +40º to -30º vertically

Target reacquisition competitive comparison: 

Target reacquisition competitive comparison

SRX Guide Light: 

SRX Guide Light Standard guide light with green and red LED makes stakeout work convenient. Guide Light moved to the top of the telescope for user convenience Guide Light (standard) Green (524nm) & Red (626nm) LEDs Visible distance : 1.3~150m Visible width : about +/-4deg (8ft @ 100ft) Recognized center area : about 4' (0.4ft @ 100ft) Brightness adjustment : 3 steps

RED-Tech EX – Enhanced, Extended performance: 

RED-Tech EX – Enhanced, Extended performance Enhanced performance: The EDM beam size now changes to suit the target type and conditions for observation EXtended Range: Range for all measurement modes has been increased Reflector (AP01 / 360º Prism ATP1) Range AP01 : 1.3~5000m (average atmospheric condition) : 1.3~6000m (good atmospheric condition) Range ATP1 : 1.3~1000m (average atmospheric condition) Accuracy : 1.5mm+2ppm* (1” instrument) : 2mm+2ppm (1”~5” instrument) Beam spot : Φ200mm @100m Beam divergence : +/-3.5' *with precision prism CPS12 Sheet (90x90mm) Range : 1.3~500m Accuracy : 3mm+2ppm (1”~5” instrument)

RED-Tech EX EDM improvements: 

RED-Tech EX EDM improvements Faster Faster Longer Longer Narrower Broader Longer

RED-Tech EX improvements: 

RED-Tech EX improvements Fast measurement with a broader beam in prism mode is efficient in the following cases: Even when fluttering leaves cover the prism, measurement is performed without problems. Even when the prism is unstable, measurement is performed without problems. Even when the prism is mis-pointed, mis-pointing error is minimized.

SRX Touch Screen Control Panel: 

SRX Touch Screen Control Panel SRX includes a large touch screen color display and ergonomically designed keyboard (Single Face, non-detachable) Screen is 3.5” QVGA (320x240 pixel) color daylight viewable TFT LCD Keyboard includes numeric keys, navigation keys, TAB, ENTER, CRTL FUNC and dedicated function keys Three quick keys are added for: SETTINGS – access to config menus PROGRAM – quick toggle between “Basic” and “SDR” mode TARGET – change target type Stylus holder

SRX Touch Screen Control Panel: 

SRX Touch Screen Control Panel Screen and keys are backlit illuminated, and brightness controls are accessible in the “SETTINGS” menu. Screen auto-dims to match the brightness of the keyboard

SRX Expandable OS: 

SRX Expandable OS The program runs on the reliable and expandable Windows CE 5 operating system CPU : X-Scale 400MHz OS : Windows CE Ver. 5.0 Internal Memory (Non volatile) : Max. 20MB (according to the volume of the software) Calendar Clock Back up battery (5years) : Lithium 3v

SRX On-Board Software – Main Screen: 

SRX On-Board Software – Main Screen The icons of the right side of the screen always show the status of the instrument. *Icon designs and program names are tentative.

SRX On-Board Software – Main Screen: 

By tapping the icon with a stylus, the user can change the settings. By tapping and holding, a list of setting selections is displayed. *Icon designs and program names are tentative. SRX On-Board Software – Main Screen

SRX On-Board Software: 

SRX On-Board Software *Icon designs and program names are tentative. The positional relation between the telescope and the moving prism is graphically displayed during auto tracking. Easy-to-understand open workflow layout in various basic measurement menus. Users can jump quickly in any step of the program

SRX On-Board Programs – Basic Mode: 

SRX On-Board Programs – Basic Mode Easy-to-understand software with icons and graphics. The settings of the softkeys and the display items of the measurement screen can be user customized. Basic mode Coordinate Measurement Setting-out Offset Measurement Remote Elevation Measurement Missing Line Measurement Resection Surface Area Calculation *Icon designs and program names are tentative.

SRX On-Board Programs – SDR Mode: 

SRX On-Board Programs – SDR Mode Enhanced SDR Level 5 is standard onboard. A new, improved Program Manager allows user customization of menus Applications Included: Topography Traverse Adjustment Resection Set Collection Building Face Survey Remote Elevation Measurement Setting-out (Coordinates, Line, Arc) COGO (Inverse, Area Calculation, Intersection) Point Projection Taping from Baseline Transformation Roading Cross Section *Icon designs and program names are tentative.

On-Board Program Competitive Comparison: 

On-Board Program Competitive Comparison

SRX USB and CF Card Slots: 

SRX USB and CF Card Slots A large internal memory* which is capable of saving up to 10,000 points in SDR33 format *Non volatile The CompactFlash memory card slot (Type II) is standard. It supports up to 1GB. SD card can be used with any commercially available adapters. Two USB ports are standard for host and client. USB memory can be connected for data storage/transfer USB 1.1 A (Host for USB Memory) USB 1.1mini B (Client for PC/Active Sync., for service purpose only) System Reset CompactFlash slot

SRX Multi Waterproof Port: 

SRX Multi Waterproof Port A single LEMO port is adopted for I/F & external power. The connector is waterproof. Y cable is optionally available. PC / Data Collector (RS232C) Multi waterproof port Single LEMO port for I/F & external power. Waterproof connector D-sub 9pin DOC1/25/27 D-sub 9pin (BDC60/61) (EDC117 AC Adapter)

SRX Flexible Power System: 

SRX Flexible Power System Rechargeable Ni-MH external battery BDC60/61 Waterproof construction Capacity : BDC60: 6.5Ah BDC61: 13Ah (USA Standard Optional Assy.) Rechargeable Li-Ion internal battery BDC58 Capacity : 4.3Ah Working Duration : 2hrs. (Auto tracking, rapid repeat mode) Charging Time : 4hrs. (9 hours for 2 batteries simultaneously charged) Compact and high capacity new Li-Ion battery BDC58 (The bottom shape is the same as BDC46A). The battery uses a CDC68 (for BDC46A) charger, 2 slots. Current BDC46A can be also used by attaching an adapter. BDC46A is also used for RC-PR3 Large capacity Ni-MH rechargeable battery (BDC60/61) is optionally available. External battery and power cable are waterproof.

SRX Physical Specifications: 

SRX Physical Specifications Featuring advanced protection against water and dust, SRX is ideal for use in inclement weather, humid environments, or on dusty work sites. Dust and water proof environment protection is kept even when the external battery or the data collector are connected. Dust & Water Proof IP64 Tribrach WA100A Weight (incl. battery) 7.7kg Dimensions W 201mm x D 220mm x H 375mm Instrument Height (from tribrach bottom) 236mm Optical Plummet 5.5x (1” inst.) , 3x (2”~5” inst)

Configurations – Auto-tracking: 

Configurations – Auto-tracking

Configurations – Auto-pointing: 

Configurations – Auto-pointing

Thank You: 

Thank You

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