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Endangered Species: Tigers : 

Endangered Species: Tigers By: Carla Amber Mizael

Diet, Weight, Length : 

Diet, Weight, Length Diet The tiger’s diet consists of cattle, deer, pigs, antelope, buffalo, wild boar, goats, bears, porcupine, mammals, birds, reptiles, and occasionally people. Weight A male tiger usually weighs 221-675 pounds. A female tiger usually weighs 165-400 pounds. Length A male tiger is usually 8-10 feet long. A female tiger is usually 7-9 feet long.

Habitat and Needs for Survival : 

Habitat and Needs for Survival Habitat You could find tigers in India, Vietnam, China, Asia, Russia, Tropical Rainforest of Sumatra, Indochina, Korea, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand, Siberia, oak forests, tropical jungles, brush, marshlands, and tall grasslands. What it needs to survive To survive tigers need food, water, shelter, and sleep just like we do. They need shelter to rest and stay cool. They climb trees for cat naps and shelter. Tigers especially need water to survive.

Threats to Tigers : 

Threats to Tigers Threats Wildfires are a big threat to tigers. The wildfires burn down their shelter and habitat. Some of their threats are vehicle pollution, campfires that start forest fires, personal watercraft that scares away their food, snowmobiles which cause air and water pollution, toxic chemicals, climate change, hunters, and the Indian Elephant if they are foolish enough to attack it. Organizations Helping WWF & WCS

Population & Cubs Per Litter : 

Population & Cubs Per Litter Population Siberian Tiger: about 200 left Sumatra Tiger: about 300 left Indochinese Tiger: about 1750 left Bengal Tiger: about 4700 left Cubs Per Litter A female tiger usually has 1-7 cubs per litter

How Can We Help? : 

How Can We Help? One way we can help save tigers is by donating money to wildlife organization funds. Keeping yourself informed about the peril of India's wildlife is a great place to start making a difference. Some people may ask “Is it possible,” and the answer is yes if you follow these ways of saving tigers.

Fast Facts : 

Fast Facts Tigers are not bloodthirsty killers. It only kills for food and when it is hungry. Tigers are not a man-eater by habit but turn into man-eaters due to inability to hunt. Normally when a human is killed it is by accident. A healthy tiger may attack a human when it feels threatened or when there is no room to escape. The Siberian tiger is the largest of the tiger subspecies. All white tigers are Bengals. The South China tiger is the most endangered. All tigers are endangered. Tigers love to swim. Wild tigers are at the very top of the food chain.

The End : 

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