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Introduction To Digital Marketing DigiKetchup:

Introduction To Digital Marketing DigiKetchup

What is Digital Marketing?:

What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing Vs Traditional marketing Digital marketing is the marketing done through Digital Channels Digital is powerful because : Precise segmentation of your audience Completely Measurable Real time monitoring available

Digital marketing mix:

Digital marketing mix Digital marketing is a vast ocean 4Ps of Digital marketing Product Price Place Promotion 5 th P is People

Various Modules of Digital Marketing:

Various Modules of D igital Marketing

Discipline and their outcomes:

Discipline and their outcomes

Search Engine optimization:

Search Engine optimization Search Engine Optimization is basically the technique to make your website rank higher in the Google search results Organic way is the way where you do not have to pay anything to get your website on Google search SEO is a technique where as SEOs is a profession Is SEO becoming the “ Old School” for Digital strategy ?

Search Engine marketing (SEM/PPC):

Search Engine marketing (SEM/PPC) Also called as Pay Per click advertising PPC As the name suggest, Pay Per Click is the advertising technique to reach out to your audience for the keywords they are searching for on Google For instance, If someone is searching for “ Gaming Laptop” the ads will be shown to them and you will be charged only when they click on it Thorough Keyword research needs to be done competitive

Email marketing:

Email marketing One of the most powerful marketing tactics which is starting to rise It is extremely cost effective , highly targeted and mass customizable Was perceived as an old school but due to proliferation of mobile and increased use of digital tools this discipline has good potential

Content marketing:

Content marketing Content is a King An inbound marketing tactic where you attract visitors through content An essential strategy for getting organic results No digital marketing can succeed without content When clubbed with social and mobile , the strategy becomes very effective Needs to be updated regularly

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing A new and exciting field of Digital marketing Need not to ask how many of you are active on Facebook Social Media is also known as consumer generated media, is a media created to be shared among masses High Reachability and viral in nature Your audience is already there , one needs to engage with it properly

Digital Analytics:

Digital Analytics Understand and analyse your audience in real time and measure the results Analytics can give you information but one needs to get insights for business out of it One can track users on your website, create goals , see users journey through the pages etc. through Digital analytics Digital Analytics is a big field in itself

Integrated approach of Digital:

Integrated approach of Digital These were the various modules of Digital marketing Which path should one choose to kick start his digital career: As such digital is a vast ocean and one can become expert in 2 or 3 discipline but should know rest discipline basics Learn by practise Try implementing all techniques to get a feel of digital, nothing works in solo in Digital

How to start “My digital marketing journey”:

How to start “My d igital marketing journey” First of all, there is nothing like impossible and remember it What you need to start digital marketing for yourself a website or a blog – you can create for yourself (optional)a product or a service Lastly, Enthusiasm to learn digital Digital is a field where you will learn through practise not by just reading books or watching videos etc. these can support you but Digital is about outcomes

Q & A:

Q & A Please post your comments Thanks to everyone for taking a time to go through this video In upcoming session , we will see these disciplines in detail from practise purpose and concepts wise too HAPPY LEARNING

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