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Orientation/Induction Introducing the new employees to the organization and its policies,procedures,rules and regulations. Orientation programme provides Organization structure Types of departments and units Rules and regulation of the org. Safety measures to prevent accidents Personnel dept rules and practices. Comfortable on the new job Limitation

Functions of HR department:

Functions of HR department It’s the process of improving,moulding and changing the skills,knowledge,creative ability based on present and future jobs. 1.Performance appraisal 2.Training 3.Management Development 4.Career planning and development

Performance appraisal:

Performance appraisal Appraising the performance of individuals, groups and organization is a common practice of all societies. Eg.Teachers evaluate the students. Bankers evaluate the creditors. Parents evaluate the behavior of children It is a continuous process Find the strength and weekness of employee Allocate the Right job for Right person at Right time

Problems in performance Appraisal:

Problems in performance Appraisal Faculty assumptions Psychological Barriers Personal prejudge Some superiors completed the reports in few minutes Dominating the low level employee Politics inside the org

Methods of performance appraisal:

Methods of performance appraisal Trait(quality) –Based appraisal Job Knowledge,Leadership,Judgment, Graphic scale method(linear rating scale) Ranking method Grading method Check list method Critical incident method Group appraisal

PowerPoint Presentation:

Appraisal by results MBO(superior and subordinate –together-common goal) BARS( Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales) Continuous monitoring Progress/Periodic Reviews

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