Traditional curtains and Valances


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This is an overview of Traditional Curtain and valances styles, there are a lot more factors involved in these styles, like the fabric selection,track selection curtain length, color etc


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Traditonal curtains and Valances The traditonal curtain and valances has an appearance of more magnifcence probably due to the fact that they are generally a burstng curtain than the current and they have many more layers at the window.

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French Pleat Triple Pleat Pinch Pleat Curtain: These are all names for the same capton type. These are even spaced triple pleats usually formed by a tape that pulls through the cords to make the folds.

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Pencil pleats: These are the most common type of pleats and header tape used in traditonal curtains and valances. The heading tape create a crisp even upright corresponding pleats like a row of pencils.

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Austrian Blinds These are like Roman blinds as they move up and down with rings and cords but they have a congregated heading and use anupright shirring which converts the folds into sof borders.

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