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Decor your home with luxury curtain and different types of curtain like eyelet curtains,pencil pleats curtains.


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Everyone has their own preferences in selecting the curtains for their home. And you are not restricted to one particular style. The luxury curtains in India are available in different material and style. So you can also have a mix of luxury curtains in your home. Luxury Curtains in India – Add a Touch of Style and Luxury to your Room.

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When you are moving to a new house or when you want to renovate your existing house there are lots of choices available in luxury curtains with different styles and materials. If you want to consider the types of luxury curtains in India that you need to decorate your home then here are some of the types of Luxury curtains that can add style luxury and comfort to your room. Luxury Curtains and their Types

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Eyelet curtains can move quietly into the curtain poles and they are evenly spaced across the top of the curtain. This can be done with the help of small metal rings which are attached to the curtain poles for easy installation of the curtains. Eyelet curtains are the luxury curtains in India which offer many functions like enhancing your room decoration maintaining your privacy and so on. Hanging a pair of eyelet curtains can also refresh a dull room for a pristine look. The luxury curtains in India comes in different colours and fabrics. Also there are some options to look for when you are searching for eyelet curtain types. Eyelet Curtains

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Hanging a set of Blackout eyelet curtains can be used to save you money on your energy bills. It also completely insulates your sitting room by blocking the outside light and also reduce the outside noise. They come in various colours and they come with the facility of tie-back option which helps you to open the panel whenever the sunlight is required by you.

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Lined eyelet curtains are the one of the luxury curtains in India which are made of luxurious material like cotton silk velvet and polyester and also gives an extra level of protection from the outside light. They are made with an inner lining and gives an elegant look.

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These types of luxury curtains in India are used for decoration purpose. They add a floaty and shimmery look to any room. Voile eyelet curtains are made of lightweight cotton and natural fabric which are transparent without lining. These luxury curtains in India are more popular due to its luxurious look.

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The pencil pleats curtain is the most popular type of curtain. They have a strip of tape across the top which consists of three different rows of pockets and they are used to adjust the height of the curtains. To create the effect of pencil pleats the cords that are embedded can be tightened. So that you can achieve a number of pleats that are required by you. The pencil pleats curtain are the luxury curtains in India which give luxurious feel to any curtain and add sophistication to your room. Pencil Pleats Curtains

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