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Want to join a professional training course on dent repair and removal? Paintless Dent Repair Training School offers best quality courses at reasonable prices. Join today!


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About Us The Paintless Dent School has developed a time proven formula for training PDR in the quickest time possible. We provide instruction in very small classes, and even offer one-on-one training and on-site instruction at your dealership or body shop. We also support with additional training free of charge, including advanced training, weekend workshops and PDR Certification.


Paintless Dent Repair Training Paintless Dent School offers professional paintless dent repair training for candidates aspiring to become skilled hail repair technicians. Call us today at (817) 616-4121.


Paintless dent repair training cost How much paintless dent repair training cost? At Paintless Dent School, we offer a variety of training courses at unbeatable prices. Join us today!


Contact Us Paintless Dent School 420 Lillard Dr. #207 Arlington, TX 76102 USA (832) 460-3464


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