6 Painting Mistakes To Avoid When Repainting Kitchen Cabinets

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It’s normal to want a new look or new colour for our furniture. It gives our home a modern twist, and it also makes us fall in love again with our house too. The same thing goes for kitchen cabinets. Getting a new colour or a fresh new layer of paint on kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen new light. - http://paintcore.ca/


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6 Painting Mistakes To Avoid When Repainting Kitchen Cabinets


Many homeowners decide on going DIY when repainting their cabinets. If you’re choosing to do so, here are a few mistakes that you can avoid.


Unrealistic Expectations Painting kitchen cabinets take time that’s why you need to be very patient if you want it to look like how you expect it to be.


Not Cleaning The Surface A cabinet door covered or splattered with oil won’t make the paint stick to its surface. Dust particles could also ruin the texture of the paint.


Not Removing the Doors and Hinges The hinges, which usually have a colo u r of their own and is of a different material, might get a few paint stains. Not removing the doors can also keep you from painting a few corners and spaces in your kitchen cabinet.


Setting Aside Doors and Hinges Cabinets might look the same, but the fit of the doors and hinges might not be. You can separate these by using masking tape as labels as they can be easily removed.


Using the Wrong Kind of Paint Make sure that you get the right colo u r and that you know how it is supposed to look like after it dries. I Otherwise, you’ll end up with ruined cabinets and wasted money over the wrong paint.


Not Priming Before Painting Priming makes paint stick to your cabinets better.

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