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FOCUS ON YOUR DUI OTHER WISE YOU WILL BE IN TROUBLE ALCOHOL RELATED INCIDENTS Annually Alcohol is Key Factor in: Traffic fatalities 40% Assaults 72% Suicides 35-80% Sexual assaults 52-90% Murders 50-76% Spouse or child Abuse 50-65% Drowning 69% 2

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Drink And Drive - Destiny towards Death :-- Driving under influence of alcohol is a criminal offense charged for driving the motor vehicle during or after consumption of alcohol or drugs Driving under influence is a serious offense in most of the countries. Suspension of driving license is the common penalty in DUI cases. In some cases, the driver may face imprisonment or permanent suspension of driving license if some serious injuries or fatalities are included in the accidents related to DUI. The consumption of alcohol or drug above permissible limit will create impairment in your action. You may experience dizziness or a sleepy feeling after consuming excess of alcohol. And driving a vehicle in such impaired condition will definitely land you in trouble. Drunk driving will take your destiny towards death. 3

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DUI Test :-- When any driver is suspected by police for drunk driving, they would ask him to stop and step out of the vehicle. 2 . Police overview the physical movements and behavior of the driver to notice any impairment in the actions. If he is found guilty, the driver is asked to undergo the breath test and blood test. For the breath test, the breathalyzer device is inserted into the mouth of the driver and he is told to blow air into the device. The digital meter on the device displays the blood alcohol content (BAC) in the blood of the driver. If this reading exceeds 0.08% limit , the driver is charged for DUI. If it is below 0.08%, he is safe to drive the vehicle. 4. If the driver is found guilty in breath test, the blood samples are tested by theprofessionals for further confirmation of drug influence. 4

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DUI Parole and Probation :-- The DUI probation is the common punishment given for the DUI offenders. It is similar to the jail sentence, but it is not as bad as jail. It has its ups and downs and hence it is crucial to talk with your attorney for the options that suits you. The probation period is the period in which the defendant abides by the set of rules for that particular period. You may face severe convictions if you perform any crime during this period . The common regulations imposed on the defendant during probation period are restricted travel, abiding to the curfew and maintaining employment. You should also stay in contact with the probation officer during this period . The probation period for the first time DUI offense may last for 3 months to 1 year. However, it may vary from state to state. If you repeat the DUI offenses, the probation period may last up to 5 years. If you violate the rules during this period, you may face more serious charges. 5

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Can You Enter From One Country To Another If You Have a DUI ? The common punishment for DUI conviction is suspension of driving license of the driver. For the first DUI offense, the driver’s license may be suspended for 1-4 months. For multiple offenses, the suspension period may extend up to 10 years. In some cases the license may be permanently cancelled . If any severe injuries or deaths are involved in the accidents related to DUI, the driver may be charged with long-term imprisonment and heavy fines. The other important punishment for DUI conviction is the limited or no international travelling. Most countries use any type of crime to restrict the entry of the individual in the country. Many DUI offences are misdemeanors that are characterized by a court sentence of up to one year, or suspension of driver’s license and heavy fines. Although the DUI crimes are commonly occurring criminal offenses, still the DUI offenders may find themselves with limited entry into particular countries . (cont..) 6

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For the people with multiple DUI convictions, international travel may become more problematic. Depending on the frequency and nature of their offenses they may be entirely restricted from visiting the particular country or restricted for a particular time duration. Any country can also restrict your entry completely, if your DUI offense was a felony and involved damage to life or property or involved long term imprisonments and suspension of driver’s license for longer period. Keep in mind that the condition for international travel depends on laws and regulations of that particular country. You can definitely travel from one country to another if you are charged for DUI. The only thing you need to do is to hire an experienced DUI attorney to defend you in DUI case and to obediently follow the DUI rules after arrest. Before applying for the international travel, you should check the DUI laws of the particular country and consult your DUI lawyer. 7

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