Presentation Description So, whether it’s for bundling, pallet wrap, hand wrap or machine wrap applications, Colored Stretch Wrap is designed to offer premium performance for your shipments.


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2 HERE’S WHY COLORED STRETCH WRAP WORKS FOR YOU Easily identifiable tough and durable and great for multipurpose describes our Colored Stretch Wrap This stretch wrap is available in multiple sizes colors and lengths plus we stock various forms of applicable versions such as bundling film extended core pallet wrap machine grade and hand film. So whether it’s for bundling pallet wrap hand wrap or machine wrap applications Colored Stretch Wrap is designed to offer premium performance for your shipments. Available at:

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3 Here’s why:  It is suitable to wrap any kind of surface  Colored stretch wrap can be wrapped manually semi -automatically or fully automatically  There are different widths available in colored stretch wrap to suit what needs to be wrapped securely  Colored stretch wrap protects the goods from UV ray exposure  It prevents the material from being damaged by dust rain and dew  The colored film conceals the valuable shipment which deters pilferages  Color stretch wrap has a longer life than clear stretch wrap especially when exposed to nature  It is more cost effective when compared to shrink wrap film  Stretch Wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film that is made from linear low density polythene LLDPE. Due to its characteristic of elasticity it is widely used to wrap around items especially items that are to be shipped and need to be bound tightly. This LLDPE film is now available in various colors and is commonly called Colored Stretch Wrap.

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4 Similar to our cast stretch film blown stretch film and economy stretch film this stretch wrap maintains a self-adhering quality that allows each layer to cling tightly to provide added load stability strength. Be sure to inquire about any custom colors you may desire. Depending on the type of application Colored Stretch Wrap provides multiple abilities such as  Bundling for small to medium products which will reduce shipping costs  Palletizing  Manual hand wrap for irregular shaped items and the ability to reduce shipping costs  Usage for machine wrap  Prime for stock coding and warehouse organization  We are your most trusted dependable and cost efficient source for Colored Stretch Wrap. We offer continuous discount specials and we focus on providing premium service alongside our integral product.

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5 PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is the ideal source for your Stretch Wrap needs. We offer a complete catalog of an assortment of colors and sizes. Most beneficially we are a notable option for low cost and regular discount specials not only for this product but for ALL of our products. Be sure to experience premium products friendly reputed service and swift shipping. We look forward to helping you experience quality at a low price soon Thanks for visiting us Stay Connected:

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