How Zero Waste Packaging May Be Changing the World of Packaging Design


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How Zero-Waste Packaging May Be Changing the World of Packaging Design In this environmentally friendly world we are doing all we can to eliminate waste. But can we actually get to a point where there will be zero waste Innovations in packaging design are working towards a world where all material used can be utilized reused and recycled hence zero waste. This will eliminate all discharges to land water and animals that can pose a risk to the environment.

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Although the concept of zero waste packaging is yet to be achieved innovators are making efforts creating designs like plantable packaging edible containers and nontoxic films that can protect items without creating any excess. If zero waste packaging comes to fruition it can be a money saving option for many companies. If the companies are able to reuse the custom design packaging it will save them the initial cost of creating more single use containers. Here is a bit about how the business model might work. Companies who aspire to zero waste can create a shipping service where customers can deposit their used containers. Once the company receives the old containers they can clean them and prepare them for reuse. In an effort to move towards zero waste packaging and design a company called Loop has been created. This is an e-commerce site that allows consumers to buy diverse products. The products they buy are sent in a reusable tote. Once companies are done with the products they send them back in the tote to be cleaned sterilized and reused. Other ways companies do more to embrace zero waste include the following:  Opt for reusable pallet/pallet containment  Use compostable materials  Offer consumers incentives for returning or recycling their products  Think of ways your packaging can be upcycled  Minimize the amount of packaging you use  Invest in packaging machinery that is geared towards zero waste Of course the zero-waste model comes with its share of issues. Some that come to mind include:

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Labeling: Recycling labels tend to confuse customers. Often they aren’t clear about which items are acceptable and which are not. If a zero-waste model is put into place it may be difficult to let the customer know what to do with their packaging. Customer Behavior: Many customers may not have the time to recycle their products. They may be too busy to go drop off a package to have it shipped back to the supplier. This can defeat the purpose of the model completely. Therefore recycling must be made as convenient as possible. Despite potential problems many companies may be looking to conform to a zero waste model or to get as close to zero waste as they possibly can. But this can present major changes in graphic and design. Having the right graphic design agency can get you through the challenges you might face in creating less wasteful packaging and Lien Design is highly recommended. Lien Design is a branding design agency located in San Diego CA. Their years of expertise have given them a handle on the latest trends and the most eye catching design. They can help you come up with packaging that is attractive and environmentally friendly that will help you bring in those conversions. The world is getting more eco-friendly and companies must get on board with their packaging products and manufacturing methods. What will you be doing to embrace this brave new world All designs and trademarks are property of their respective companies and are being shown for educational purposes only. WEBSITE: WWW.LIENDESIGN.COM

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