7 indoor games your child wiil love to play

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Indoor games for your child


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7 Indoor games your child will love to play:

7 Indoor games your child will love to play


Indoor games help in the development of mental and physical ability of your child. Indoor games will focus on your child’s sense of “ self” including competence, confidence and comfort. Your child will come to know how to mix with other children and work as a team. When children learn to play indoors, they are not irritated if they are not allowed to play outside.

Button Snake Game:

Button Snake Game A simple game your child will love. Take a ribbon and sew it on the one side and allow your children push the button through the slit(use cloth piece ) and also to pull the button through the slit. Image Source: Happyhooligans.ca

DIY Small Toys:

DIY Small Toys This will help your child learn how to reuse anything(like-milk cartoon) and make some creative small toys. When not in use, these toys will act as show pieces in your house. Image Source: Freshtrash.blog.com Image Source-www.thecraftycrow.net

Balloon Ping Pong:

Balloon Ping Pong This is a very interesting indoor game for your child. Use paper p lates and sticks to make the racquet and use a balloon to play back and forth with it. Image Source: Mywallpaper.top

Rainbow Cake Baking:

Rainbow C ake B aking Make a swirl rainbow cake with your child. Your child will love it. Image Source: Commonswikimedia.org

Button Art:

Button Art Paint any image on a piece of paper. Use all loose buttons available in the house( buy if not available) and then allow your child to glue all the buttons on the painted image. Image- www.etsy.com

NERF Practice:

NERF Practice This indoor game is loved by every child. Take few plastic cups and tell your child to hit those cups(targets) with a soft ball. It will help your child to focus on a particular target. Image Source- frugalfun4boys.com

Float or Sink Knowledge:

Float or Sink Knowledge Put water in a tub. Collect some objects and let your child say which item will float on water and which will sink. This will boost your child mental fitness. Image Source: Handsasonwegrow.com


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