Remodel Your Bathroom with Slate Panels and Give Your Bathroom a Very


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Pacific Bedrock informs about remodeling your bathroom with slate panels and give your bathroom a very distinct look.


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Remodel Your Bathroom with Slate Panels and Give Your Bathroom a Very Distinct Look Bathroom honeycomb panels Whether you are building or remodeling your home designing a great-looking bathroom is usually a part of the agenda. You want your bathroom to look good and provide you with the maximum convenience. Apart from choosing the faucets and sinks you can also consider the bathroom honeycomb stone panels. Bathroom honeycomb stone panels can give a new life to your floor. These panels are different from the regular stone panels as the specially designed panels work well on the floor on the walls of bathroom and in shower. Bathroom honeycomb panels come in various styles shapes colors and designs. These bathroom lightweight stone panels typically give a neat and stylish look to your bathroom which enhances the comfort that you may be looking for. Experiment with different patterns and textures With some creative bathroom stone panel design ideas you can make a style statement. You can experiment with different pattern and textures. Choice of the right color plays an important role here. To give your bathroom a royal and romantic look you can use floral tiles in soft colors. If you want a bold look you can try out lightweight stone panels having different shapes and having bold designs on the background. Mix slate honeycomb panels with Mexican to ensure a Mediterranean look. If you are a fun-loving person you can experiment with funky art slate honeycomb panels. A bathroom can be a turn on or a turn off depending upon how it is designed and kept. Bathroom panels play a vital role to make your bathroom look distinctive and personal. Choices It is usually a time-consuming task when it comes to fitting panels into the bathroom floor. It can take up to 3-4 days depending upon the design and type of the panels used. There are many choices for bathroom stone honeycomb panels like granite slate etc. These are popular as they give high resistance from slipping.

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Glazed or unglazed bathroom slate honeycomb panels Glazed bathroom panels with slip resistant surface are the most commonly used for tiling the bathroom floors. This is because they are durable offers high slip tolerance when wet and are easy to clean. Glazed slate honeycomb panels are better suited to walls and counter tops as they are slippery. On the other hand unglazed slate honeycomb panels absorb the stains fast and thus need to be cleaned frequently. People who want something different must take slate honeycomb panels into account and install them. Final Words Bathroom slate honeycomb panels can help you design a bathroom which you would enjoy using every day. All it requires is to unleash your creativity and give some time and consideration in choosing the bathroom slate honeycomb panels in the right kind of colors texture pattern and the other related things of your bathroom. Pacific Bedrock designs and manufactures a wide range of lightweight stone solutions and can custom make our products to fit your exact needs.

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