Tennis Court Resurfacing

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Enjoy Playing Tennis with Pace Court :

Enjoy Playing Tennis with Pace Court


Pace Court is the first Indian company that is proud to produce synthetic sport surface materials. It has been classified by the ITF Federation. Pace Court manufactures Synthetic court sporting products like the following: Acrylic Concrete Acrylic Resurface Liquid Rubber colour coats Pace Court is expertise in tennis court resurfacing and to set up the basketball court layout that gives the players to ease out during the game. The surface of a typical tennis court does not last long and does involve a lot of maintenance in it. Some of the tennis courts are used rarely, that there might not be a need for resurfacing. In case you are tired of regularly resurfacing your tennis court, we at Pace Court is an option for you to make use of our service for tennis court resurfacing . At Pace Court, we strive to distribute the good quality synthetic sports surface material and have an expert team that has the expertise to make the best tennis courts. To ensure that the resurfacing for a tennis court is done with great care and quality, the following process is set up by the Pace Court:


Advisory – Setting up an outdoor court requires a profound understanding of the surfaces where the court must be set up. Pace Court has experts to assist the client on the material type that best suits the sports. Design and Supply – Our expert team inspects and analysis the surface and provides the right design for the court that suits the specific requirements and budget. Installation and Supervision – Our design team guides our skilled technicians to install the court. At the time of installation, all safety standards and norms are adhered to. Construction – Out skilled people construct the walls, install sport lights, landscape, and all related concrete works. After-Sales Maintenance – Out team provide expert guidance and maintenance for the surface. Apart from tennis court surfacing, Pace Court understands importance of a perfect surface for other players. The basketball court layout is set up with great care and by using the highest quality synthetic sports surface. Conclusion Pace Court has successfully installed and maintained more than 200 courts. For a good sports surface, Pace Court is an ideal solution.

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