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How does PABX System Installations in Dubai work? Techno Edge Systems offers PABX System Installations for Businesses in Dubai. Call us 054-4653108.


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What is PABX installation Services ? :

What is PABX installation Services ? A PABX stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange whereas PBX is abbreviated for Private Business Exchange. PABX is a telephone system for business. When you own a business and look for a telephone system that is owned by a business owner of opposite Telecom Company, then you would surely require the need of a PABX system. This PABX system is known as PBX systems over the years by the  PABX System Installation in Dubai . A PABX system is required to make a connection with business instruments in separate mediums with the public telephone network (PSTN). The system makes it certain that every call which is internally made is routed through the system of private automatic branch exchange.

Types of PABX Systems in Dubai :

Types of PABX Systems in Dubai PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) is a multiple extension business phone system which has become an essential tool for small and medium-sized businesses due to its lower operational costs . It is basically software for providing business telephony to various departments in an organization through a common line.  Ideally , with the PABX telephone systems installed in the organizations, the calls are received by an automated machine, where the caller receives the pre-recorded message. From flexibility to business growth, there is a multitude of benefits which can be tapped with the use of the PABX telephone systems. At  Techno Edge Systems , we provide  PABX installation in Dubai  for small and medium-sized companies.


Based on the connectivity of the telephone lines, the PABX system is broadly classified in 4 types. Our technicians at Techno Edge Systems are well-qualified to suggest you the right PABX telephone system in Dubai based on the size of the business, average number of callers, budget and the resources available . Traditional PABX System : The traditional PABX uses the traditional landlines for connecting the calls. The numerous calls are diverted to multiple extensions to connect them to the right department. As the traditional PABX system works on the legacy systems, it is far more expensive than the other PABX systems as these require an extensive setup and higher maintenance costs.


IP PABX Systems Dubai : In simple terms, the IP PABX system is an upgrade to the traditional PABX systems. These also require a large equipment set up, however, as these enable calls over the internet, the telephone bill is lowered by 50% as compared to the traditional PABX systems. Advantages of IP PABX systems: Lower telephone charges. While the traditional PABX systems have limited flexibility in terms of adding newer extensions, the IP based PABX systems can have as many connections as possible as long as the internet bandwidth supports.


Hosted PABX System: This type of PABX system is often found in many businesses. This is a system where the VOIP provider hosts the PABX system and the companies subscribe to the services . Advantages of Hosted PABX systems: No initial investment cost as the provider handles the cost perspective. A low monthly fee as the equipment is installed off-site and the customer needn’t bear those charges. Business with fewer than 20 employees is an ideal use case for hosted PABX installation in Dubai .


Virtual PABX systems: Virtual PABX is more similar to the hosted PABX in terms of off-site equipment set up. The virtual PABX system is also referred to as cloud PABX system, which requires a lower monthly fee than the hosted PABX systems, however, with a fewer number of features than the latter offers. Advantages of Virtual PABX systems: Very low monthly payments. An attractive option for the companies who do not make many external calls and rely mostly on the calls over the internet and other features like, voicemail and hold music.

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