The Specialty Coffee Pods You’ve Been Waiting For

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Looking for the best Nespresso coffee pods? Look no further: Pablo & Rusty’s new range of specialty coffee pods means you don’t have to sacrifice flavour for convenience.


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The Specialty Coffee Pods You’ve Been Waiting For - Pablo and Rustys Coffee Roasters Looking for the best Nespresso coffee pods Look no further: Pablo Rusty’s new range of specialty coffee pods means you don’t have to sacrifice flavour for convenience. Enjoying that much-needed morning brew without leaving your home has never been easier thanks to the number of coffee pod machines now on the market. The only problem is how hard it can be to find a good quality coffee pod. As popular Nespresso coffee pods are there are times when only that full-bodied experience you get from your favourite bearded barista will do. Yes we’re not ashamed to say we want it all: the convenience of user-friendly coffee pod machines and a brew that will truly knock your socks off. At Pablo Rusty’s we’ve stepped up to the plate with a new range of specialty coffee pods that holds its own amongst the best Nespresso pods out there. As an innovative Australian roaster PR produces high quality specialty coffee ethically sourced from farms around the world and meticulously roasted to bring out each lot’s distinct flavour. Now we’re packaging those very same beans in coffee pods that are 100 compatible with Nespresso coffee pod machines. This means you can enjoy the best of both worlds: the depth of flavour only specialty coffee can offer with the push-button convenience that pod coffee makers bring. The PR specialty coffee pod range All three of PR’s carefully crafted blends are now available as Nespresso-compatible specialty coffee pods that are a perfect match for most coffee pod machines. Best of all we deliver right to your front door Take you pick from: · Porter St coffee pods – think of this one as a steady favourite an old friend that you can always on no matter what day you’re facing or who you’re entertaining. With dark chocolate notes and an irresistibly buttery mouthfeel this is a classic espresso blend that is more than capable of matching the best coffee pod machines in quality. · Pioneer coffee pods – this blend is aptly named after our forward-thinking approach when it comes to sustainability. Using only Organic and Fair Trade beans we bring

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you caramel and spicy notes a velvety feel and the perfect balance between strength and flavour. This is a flexible blend that goes well with every type of coffee. · Trailblazer coffee pods – our original house blend brings together a small selection of in-season higher altitude coffees to create a unique offering amongst the best Nespresso pods out there. Think sweet and complex with fruity notes of fresh red berries. Trailblazer is the lightest profile of our three blends and serves as both an exceptional espresso and a medium-bodied milk blend. · Or sample all three Can’t choose We don’t blame you. Try all three of our amazing blends with a trio pack– it’s also a great gift for fellow pod-drinkers in your life. Want more information about our specialty coffee pods and how they work with pod coffee makers We answer some common questions below: Are your pods environmentally friendly Currently our plant-based coffee pods are commercially biodegradable and compostable. No foil material is used to make them and they take only 12 weeks to break down in a commercial composter. We are currently working on kerbside certification and hope to achieve it soon. The coffee inside our pods is ethically sourced from farms that ensure ecological care fair wages and community development. As a B-Corp certified company we are committed to sustainable practices from being 100 solar in our warehouse to providing recyclable takeaway cups. How many pods do you get in each box Each box contains 10 pods. Do you offer coffee pod subscriptions We certainly do You can subscribe to any of our coffee pod blends and have your sweet coffee delivered right to your front door ready to place in your coffee pod machine. Best of all if you live in Australia postage is on us All you need to do is jump on our website and choose your delivery frequency what blend you want and how much. Are your specialty coffee pods suitable as espressos or lungos Either You can make our pod coffees any way you like in your best coffee pod machine. If you want it a little stronger place another coffee pod shot in your cup.

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What machines are your coffee pods compatible with Our specialty coffee pods can be used in coffee pod machines for example Breville coffee pod machines that are compatible with Nespresso coffee pods. How long does the coffee in the coffee pod last The shelf life for our coffee pods is approximately 18 months. Okay I’m convinced How do I place an order Great Head on over to our website to place your order and we’ll take care of the rest. Pablo Rusty’s offers fresh coffee for at home drinkers delivered straight from the roastery right to your mailbox. Please visit our website for more information.

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