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Advantage India: The Emerging Production Base For Global Markets Gokul Patnaik

Showcase India: 

Showcase India What India does offer Varied agro-climatic conditions Abundant sunlight and water Availability of skilled and semi-skilled labour Proximity to West Asia, South East Asia, Far East and Europe Insight into international markets gained in last one decade A large and rapidly growing domestic market Government support for export oriented production Cost-effective technology for protected cultivation Upcoming handling facilities at major airports

India’s Track Record: A Decade of Growth: 

India’s Track Record: A Decade of Growth

Technologies Standardized: 

Technologies Standardized Tissue culture for mass scale production eg- Orchid, Carnation, Lilium, Foliage plants Automated Green(Poly) Houses- Rose, Carnation Shade net- Gerbera, Anthurium Cool Chain and Post Harvest management- Rose, Carnation, Gerbera Breeding of Anthurium Production of artificial media like coco-peat, peat moss, vermicullite

Green House Cultivation: 

Green House Cultivation


Climate Control

Grading & Packing: 

Grading & Packing

Showcase India: 

Showcase India What India can offer Diversified products Cut flowers - Rose, Carnation, Gladiolus, Gerbera Novelty flowers- Anthurium, Orchid, Sterlitzia (Bird of Paradise), Heliconia Potted Plants, Ornamentals & Foliage Planting material - seed, bulbs Value added products like dried flowers, flower arrangements, essential oils, pellets, natural pigments & colours


Non traditional flowers


Untapped Potential Untapped Potential- Bromelliad

Showcase India- Varied Wealth: 

Showcase India- Varied Wealth Major flowers Gladiolus Carnations Chrysanthemum Lilium Tuberose Rose Gerbera Untapped wealth Iris Dahlia Zinnia Crocus Salvia Begonia Cineraria Gaillardia Antirrhinum Aster Ornamental grasses Ferns Crotons Northern India – Himalayan Foothills & Indo-Gangetic Plains

Himalayan Flora: 

Himalayan Flora

Showcase India- Varied Wealth: 

Showcase India- Varied Wealth North Eastern India Untapped wealth Anthurium Tropical Orchids Bromeliads Sterlitzia Heliconia Calla Lily Football Lily

Eastern Himalayas - Rhododendron: 

Eastern Himalayas - Rhododendron

Showcase India- Varied Wealth: 

Showcase India- Varied Wealth Central and Western India Major flowers Gladiolus Carnations Chrysanthemum Lilium Tuberose Rose Gerbera Untapped wealth Statice Aster Limonium Solidago Phlox Calla Lily

New Technologies: 

New Technologies New Technologies



Showcase India- Varied Wealth: 

Showcase India- Varied Wealth Southern India Major flowers Carnations Rose Anthurium Tropical Orchid Jasmine Major foliage Araucaria Aglonema Anthurium Aspidistra Begonia Buddlea Caladium Cestrum Clerodendron splendens Draceana varieties Ficus varieties Monestera Philodendron Coleus Sciandapsus

Foliage Plants: 

Foliage Plants Foliage Plants

Opportunity India-Diversification: 

Opportunity India-Diversification Exploring diversified opportunities Bouquet preparation Bonsai Dried flowers and foliage Greeting cards Filler crops Wood rose Pine cones Draft wood Concept marketing Potpourri

Marigold – Value Addition: 

Marigold – Value Addition

Domestic Market : 

Domestic Market Growing at 25 % annually Total domestic market - Rs. 5000 million Demand shifting towards traditional and exotic blooms Mumbai market daily flower arrival is 600,000 stems per day Delhi market - Rs. 1000 million

Domestic Market: 

Domestic Market

Need of the hour- Retail Outlet: 

Need of the hour- Retail Outlet

International Market: 

International Market Total import (2005) – USD 21 billion Global floriculture industry- 15 % annual growth Share of developing countries- 20 % Major importing countries- Germany, UK, USA, France, The Netherlands Total exports (2005) - USD 14.64 billion Major exporting countries- The Netherlands (53 %), Columbia, Ecuador, EU – 25, Israel, Kenya, Zambia


Market Opportunities Domestic seasonal opportunity International seasonal opportunity

New Developments: 

New Developments Some examples: Concentrated pockets coming up with common infrastructure and logistics Tanflora Park in Tamil Nadu Talegaon Floriculture village in Maharastra Flower Auction Markets coming up in major cities Mumbai, Bangalore,Noida Perishable handling facilities at Delhi,Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Thiruvananthapuram Market Facilitation Centre at Aalsmeer

Major Constraints: 

Major Constraints Lack of air cargo space and high cost of freight High cost of imported planting material Lack of post harvest infrastructure and proper logistic support Inadequate infrastructure facilities at the export gateways Financial institutions reluctant to support due to perceived risks and inadequate knowledge Market intelligence not available on regular basis Industry fragmented and not vertically organised

Suggestions For Rapid Growth: 

Suggestions For Rapid Growth Scaling up to achieve economy Roping in corporates Consistent supply to the markets Maintaining international quality standards Diversifying product range Facilitating foreign direct investment Use of advanced scientific technologies

A Case for Government Support to Floriculture: 

A Case for Government Support to Floriculture Paradigm Shift in Export Thrust : Employment generation Value addition Regional balance Social engineering Floriculture meets with all the above objectives plus some more – Ecology and environment - Wealth creation

India- Flower Power On Its Way: 

India- Flower Power On Its Way The Netherlands and Japan are taking India as serious player Foreign players showing increasing interest in investment and technology upgradation Domestic consumption growing at a whopping rate of 40 % per annum Major flower growing regions- Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal New potential regions- North East India, Sikkim, Arunanchal, Uttaranchal

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