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Order food delivery and Indian takeaway online from Punjabi Tadka, 5108-Salisbury Check reviews & online menu, Pay online or cash on delivery.


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Punjabi Tadka Salisbury Menu  Order at Punjabi Tadka through Ozfoodhunter and Get 20 off on your order Use Promo Code OZ05.  Order Now: https://punjabitadka.com.au/  Download the Ozfoodhunter App and Get 5 off – http://bit.ly/2U46MW1 Lunch Specials Available 11.30 a.m - 13.30 p.m Non-Veg Exculding Seafood 1 x Non-Veg Curry 1 x Rice 1 x Pain Naan 2 x Pappadums 1 x Can of drink PRICE8.90 Vegetable 1 x Veg Curry 1 x Rice 1 x Pain Naan 2 x Pappadums 1 x Can of drink PRICE7.90 Punjabi Tadka Special Meal Deal One 2 x Butter Chicken 2 x Butter/Plain Naan 2 x Large Steam Rice 1 x Daal PRICE35.00 Meal Deal Two 2 x Any Non Veg Curry 2 x Butter/Plain Naan 2 x Large Steam Rice 1 x Daal PRICE38.00 Meal Deal Three 2 x Any Vegetable Curry 2 x Butter/Plain Naan 2 x Large Steam Rice 1 x Daal PRICE35.00 Entree Samosa Crispy home made pastry shaped as pyramid stuffed with potatoes green peas and served with mint or chilli sauce.

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PRICE3 Pieces 7.50 Samosa Chat / Tikki Chat Grated potato patty stuffed with green peas garnished with mint and tamarind chutney. PRICE2 Pieces 7.50 Onion PakorasOnion fritters coated in chickpea batter then deep fried. PRICE6 Pieces 6.50 Mirchi Bhaji Famous Indian sour and spicy starter dressed in long green chillies stuffed with sweet and sour tamarind mixture coated with chick pea flour and fried. PRICE3 Pieces 7.50 Aloo TikkiMashed potato cutlet mixed with authentic spices and herbs deep fried served with mint chutney . PRICE3 Pieces 6.50 Vegetable Pakoras Pakoras made with mixed vegetables which are dipped in besan flour batter and deep fried. PRICE6 Pieces 7.50 Paneer Pakoras Indian cottage cheese marinated in yoghurt and spices and deep fried. PRICE6 Pieces 8.50 Mix Vegetable Platter1 Samosa 1 Mirchi Bhaji 2 pcs Paneer Pakora 2 pcs Onion Pakora 2 pcs Vegetable Pakora. PRICE16.00 Chole Bhature2 Fried naan with chickpea curry sliced onions and mixed pickles . PRICE12.50 Tandoori Dishes Tandoori Chicken Wings Tandoori Chicken Wings marinated then barbequed on skewers in tandoor and serve with salad. PRICE6 Pieces 10.00 Chicken Tikka 7/15 PiecesBoneless pieces of chicken marinated in combination of yoghurt ginger garlic roasted spices then barbequed on skewers in tandoor. PRICEE ntree 9.50 PRICEMain 17.50 Seekh Kehab 2/4 Pieces Chicken Lamb mince with cumin fresh coriander herbs spices then finger rolled and skewered in tandoor.

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PRICEE ntree 8.50 PRICEMain 16.00 Chicken Satay Marinated chicken pieces skewered in tandoor then cooked with peanut sauce serve with cucumber. PRICEE ntree 9.50 PRICEMain 15.50 Tandoori Chicken Chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt ginger garlic spices then barbequed in tandoor. PRICEHalf 9.50 PRICEFull 15.50 Chilli Chicken SpicyBoneless chicken cubes marinated in spice fried with capsicum and onion. PRICE16.00 Tandoori Lamb Chops 3PcsMarinated in a blend of Indian spice and grilled in the tandoor. PRICE16.00 Tandoori Platter Two Pieces of each- Combination platter containing Chicken Tikka Lamb Chop Seekh Kabab. PRICE17.50 Main Course - Chicken Dishes Butter Chicken Boneless pieces of chicken tikka roasted in tandoor then simmered in creamy fresh tomatoe based gravy herbs spices and cashew nut. PRICE16.00 Chicken Jalfrezy Chicken pieces cooked with seasonal vegetables and flavoured with herbs spices. PRICE16.00 Chicken Korma Boneless chicken cooked with onion cashew nut gravy cream indian paste. PRICE16.00 Mango ChickenBoneless chicken cooked in mango based sauce spices . PRICE16.00 Kadahi Chicken Tender boneless pieces of chicken cooked in onion tomatoes capsicum and indian fresh herb based gravy. PRICE16.00

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Chicken Vindaloo Boneless chicken cooked with ginger garlic vindaloo sauce curry leave mustard seed onion. PRICE16.00 Chicken ChanniPunjabi style cooked chicken onion curry leave coconut milk. PRICE16.00 Punjabi Sag Chicken Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with pureed spinach onion garlic ginger cream. PRICE16.00 Tandoori Chicken Tikka MasalaMarinated chicken tikka cooked in tomato sauce with capsicum diced onion ginger and finished with chop coriander. PRICE16.00 Egg BhujiaScrambled eggs with onion tomato ginger chillies gram masala. PRICE12.50 Tandoori Chicken Masala with Bone Marinated tandoori chicken cooked in tomato sauce with capsicum diced onion ginger and finish with chop coriander. PRICEHalf 14.00 PRICEFull 16.00 Main Course - Lamb Dishes Rogan Josh Pieces of dice boneless lamb cooked in kashmir prepared traditional curry with spice herbs garnish with coriander. PRICE16.00 Lamb Spinach Tender pieces of lamb cook in puree of spinach with onion tomatoes and flavoured with spices. PRICE16.00 Lamb Vindaloo Dice boneless lamb cooked in hot vindaloo sauce freshly ground spices fresh red chillies . PRICE16.00 Lamb Madras Dice cubes lamb cooked with madras sauce mustard seed curry leave and flavoured with coconut based spice. PRICE16.00 Lamb KormaTender lamb pieces cooked with creamy based cashew sauce herbs spices . PRICE16.00

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Goat Saag/Goat Curry/Goat Masala with boneGoat pieces cooked with onions tomatoes and a selection of spice to provide this unforgettable dish. PRICE16.50 Main Course - Beef Dishes Beef Vindaloo Tender pieces of beef cooked in freshly ground spices red chillies and hot vindaloo sauce. PRICE15.00 Beef Korma Cubes of beef cooked in spices and cashew based creamy sauce and fennel flavour. PRICE15.00 Beef Channi South indian style cook with beef onion curry leaves coconut paste and garnished with coriander leaves. PRICE15.00 Beef SaagFresh spinach with diced beef pieces onions tomatoes and a selection of spice to provide this unforgettable dish. PRICE15.00 Beef MadrasTender pieces of beef pieces cook in coconut based gravy with touch of spice curry leaves and mustard leaves. PRICE15.00 Main Course - Seafood Dishes Punjabi Fish Curry Seasonal basa fillet fish curry in traditional spices cook with onion garlic ginger mustard seed curry leaves and finish with coconut cream. PRICE17.00 Fish or Prawn Masala Fish or Prawn cook with garlic ginger onion with spices. PRICE17.00 Fish or Prawn Vindaloo Fish or Prawn cook in traditional hot based curry. PRICE17.00 Prawn Goa CurryPrawn curry cook in tomato base gravy finish with coconut cream. PRICE17.00 Prawn Jalfrezy Prawn cook in flavours spices of jalfrezi paste cooked with capsicum onion tomatoe. PRICE17.00 Main Course - Vegetarian Dishes

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Punjabi Paneer Chilli Masala Home made ricotta cheese cook with onion capsicum tomato herbs spices . PRICE12.50 Shahi Paneer Indian cheese cook with tomatoes ginger onion herbs spices . PRICE12.50 Paneer BhujiaMashed indian cheese cook with onion ginger tomatoes herbs . PRICE12.50 Malai Khofta Deep fried indian cheese potatoes cook in mild spice yogurt with onion coriander spices . PRICE12.50 Paneer Butter Masala Indian cottage cheese cook with ginger onion tomatoes cream. PRICE12.50 Eggplant Masala Mash eggplant cook in onion tomatoe gravy with garlic ginger. PRICE9.00 Mix Vegi Makhani/Korma Fresh vegi cook in creamy sauce spices herbs. PRICE9.00 Mattar PaneerFresh peas cottage cheese cook with tomatoes onion garlic herbs and cream. PRICE9.00 Punjabi Aloo Gobi Punjabi favourite cauliflower spice seasoned potato cook with herbs . PRICE9.00 Saag PaneerSpinach cook in ricotta cheese with ginger garlic onion. PRICE9.00 Vegi Mixed JalfrezySeasonal vegetables stir fried cooked with capsicum cumin spices herbs . PRICE9.00 Aloo ChanniPotatoes and chickpea cook with yogurt tomatoes cumin and blended spices and herbs . PRICE8.00 Punjabi Daal Combination lentils punjabi style cook with ginger onion garlic and spices . PRICE8.00 Double Daal Tadka VYellow lentils boiled and tempered with cumin chopped onions ginger and garlic. PRICE8.50

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Vegetable CurryCombination of seasonal vegetables cooked in fresh herbs tomatoes and blend of spices . PRICE7.00 Aloo PalakSpinach puree cook with spice potatoes garlic and dry ground spices . PRICE7.00 Tandoor Naan Breads Chapati Wholemeal bread baked in tandoor or pan. PRICE2.00 Garlic RotiWhole meal bread with a touch of garlic baked in tandoor or pan. PRICE2.50 Plain NaanPlain flour bread baked in tandoor. PRICE2.00 Butter Naan Plain flour bread baked in tandoor lightly brush with butter. PRICE2.50 Garlic Naan Buttered naan dressed in roased garlic baked in tandoor. PRICE2.50 BhaturaDelicious punjabi golden deep fried yougurt bread. PRICE3.00 Tandoori Pratha Whole wheat bread layered with butter. PRICE4.00 Paneer Naan Naan bread stuffed with ricotta cheese. PRICE4.00 Aloo PrathaWhole meal bread stuffed with mash potatoes. PRICE4.00 Potato Naan Plain four bread stuffed with potato spices. PRICE4.50 Cheese NaanPlain flour bread stuffed with cheese baked in tandoor. PRICE4.50 Keema NaanNaan bread stuffed with mince lamb.

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PRICE5.00 Chicken Tikka Naan Pieces of tender chicken tikka fill in naan. PRICE5.00 Garlic Cheese Naan/ Chilli Cheese Naan Naan bread stuff with cheese top with garlic or chilli. PRICE5.00 Biryani Vegetable Biryani Basmati rice cooked with selection of seasonal vegetables fragrant spices herbs and cashew nuts. PRICESmall 10.00 PRICELarge 12.00 Lamb/Chicken/Beef Biryani Marinated Lamb/Chicken/Beef with curd and masala with Indian spicies cooked with Basmati Rice in Dum style with fried onions and garnished with mint leaves . PRICESmall 12.00 PRICELarge 15.00 Basmati Rice Steam Rice PRICESmall 3.00 PRICELarge 4.00 Jeera RiceBasmati rice cook with cumin seed PRICESmall 3.50 PRICELarge 4.50 Saffron RiceBasmati rice cook with saffron PRICESmall 4.50 PRICELarge 5.50 Accompaniments Cucumber RaitaNatural yoghurt combined with cucumber mild spices . PRICE3.00 Sweet Mango Chutney PRICE2.00

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Mixed Pickle PRICE2.00 PappadumLentil Wafers deep fried 4 Pieces PRICE4 Pieces 2.00 Garden SaladA Selection of greens including tomatoes cucumber onion PRICE4.00 Gulab Jamun 3 per serveJuicy dumplings made of cream milk in light syrups . PRICE6.00 Mango Kulfi Home Made ice cream blended in mango PRICE4.90 Drinks Indian Lassi Salt Lassi PRICE3.50 Sweet Lassi PRICE3.50 Mango Lassi PRICE4.00 Soft Drinks Can PRICE2.00 Soft Drinks 1.25L PRICE3.50 Soft Drinks 2L PRICE5.00

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