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Eat Ate Eaten Kirrawee Menu Starters Vegetarian Spring Roll PRICE4 pcs 8.00 Vegetarian Curry Puff PRICE4 pcs 8.00 Fish Cake PRICE4 pcs 8.00 Money Bag PRICE4 pcs 9.00 Prawn Get Dressed PRICE4 pcs 9.00 Marinated Chicken Wing PRICE4 pcs 9.00 Mixed Entrees1 x Spring Roll 1 x Curry Puff 1 x Prawn Get Dressed and 1 x Fish Cake PRICE9.00 Satay Chicken Skewer PRICE1 Skewer 5.00 Chilli Prawn Skewer PRICE4 pcs 10.00 Salt Pepper Calamari PRICE10.00

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Steamed Prawn Dumpling PRICE4 pcs 9.00 Tom Yum Prawn PRICE11.00 Tom Kha Chicken PRICE10.00 Salad Marinated Beef/Chicken SaladSliced fresh lemmon grass coriander leaves cucumber tomato and cashew nuts tossed with thai chilli and lime juice dressing. PRICE16.00 Soft Shell Crab SalPriceeep fried soft shell crab coriander leaves green apple and mixed leaves with chefs house made dressing PRICE20.00 Pla GoongSliced fresh lemmongrass coriander leaves mixed leaves salad spanish onion and mint leaves tossed with chilli jam and lime juice. PRICE20.00 From The Wok Pad ThaiTraditional thai stir fried thin rice noodle with egg bean sprout shallot and crushed peanut PRICE13.00 Pad See EWStir fried thick rice noodle eith chineese broccli carrot egg and sweet soy sauce PRICE13.00 Pad Kee Maostir fried rthick rice noodle with egg chinese broccli broccli carrot pumpkin mushroom onion shallot baby corn bamboo shoot chilli and basil leaves PRICE13.00 Chilli BasilFresh chilli and basil sauce stir fried with chinese broccoli broccoli onion shallot carrot pumpkin mushroom baby corn and bamboo shoot PRICE13.00 Chilli JamChilli jam sauce stir fried with broccoli carrot pumpkin mushroom onion shallot zucchini and cashew nuts PRICE13.00

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Garlic PepperGarlic pepper sauce stir with onion shallot carrot mushroom baby corn pumpkin capcicum and fried garlic PRICE13.00 Sweet SourPineapple cucumber tomato onion shallot capcicum carrot mushroom and baby corn stir fried thai sweet sour sauce PRICE13.00 Curry No Vegan Choice Green CurryThai green curry with coconut milk broccoli carrot zucchni pumpkin mushroom and bamboo shoot PRICE24.00 Red CurryThai red curry coconut milk broccoli carrot zucchini pumpkin mushroom and bamboo shoot. PRICE24.00 MassamanSlowly cook in mild slightly sweet traditional thai curry with coconut milk onion sweet potato potato and roasted peanuts. PRICEChunky Beef 20.00 PRICELamb Shank 24.00 Soup Tom Yum ChickenSoup with chicken mushroom tomato lemongrass fresh chilli and kaffir lime leaves PRICE16.00 Tom Yum PrawnSoup with prawn mushroom tomato lemongrass fresh chilli and kaffir lime leaves. PRICE20.00 Tom Kha ChickenPoached chicken in coconut broth lemongrass kaffir lime leaves galangal and lime juice. PRICE16.00 Chefs Special Pork RibsSlow cooked pork ribs in tamarind and chilli jam sauce PRICE27.00 Lamb CutletsGrilled lamb cutlet in thai traditional sauce serve with steamed vegetable PRICE4 Pcs 27.00

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Crispy Whole BarramundiDeep fried whole barramundi with choice of 2 flavour sauce : + Sweet: Pineapple dried prunes capsicum onion and ginkgo in sweet thai sauce + Spicy: onion sultana and basil in spicy thai chilli basil sauce PRICE25.00 Steamed SalmonSteamed salmon fillet with turmeric sauce with mixed seraed vegetable PRICE25.00 Snow Pea PrawnKing prawn tossed with oyster sauce garlic onion and snow pea PRICE25.00 Soft Shell Crab Pad ThaiTraditional thai stir fried thin rice noodle with egg bean sprout shallot crushed peanut and deep fried soft shell crab. PRICE20.00 Recommendations Pineapple Fried RiceStir fried rice with chicken egg pineapple carrot corn pea onion sultana and cahshew nuts PRICE20.00 Ginger LambStir fired rice lean lamb with crushed garlic ginger pepper fresh chilli onion shallot mushroom and sesame oil PRICE22.00 Crying TigerSeared marinated beef serve with fresh mixed leaves salad tomato and cumber PRICE20.00 Pad Kha PraoStir fried chicken mince baby corn mushroom with chilli and basil sauce PRICE20.00 Salt Pepper CalamariDeep fried calamari with salt pepper crumbed served with mixed salad. PRICE19.00 Side Dish Steamed Jasmine Rice PRICE3.00 Steamed Brown Rice PRICE3.50

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Roti PRICE3.00 Steamed Rice with Satay Sauce PRICE5.00 Fried RiceStir fried rice with egg onion and mushroom PRICE12.00 Dessert Oreo Cheese CakeDrizzled with melted chocolate PRICE12.00 Chocolate SouffleWith a scoop of ice cream PRICE12.00 Drink Can of Soft Drink PRICE3.00 Mineral Water PRICE3.00 Sparkling Water PRICE4.00 Ice Tea PRICE4.00 Coconut Drink PRICE4.00

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