Database SMS sending with a C#Application


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In the next part of the Ozeki Ultimate SMS API guide you can learn how to create a database and how you can connect a c# application to the SMS gateway to send sms from database. Dig deeper: Video Guide:


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Example of how to send SMS message in a C# application from MySQL database In this presentation you can learn how to send sms from a database with your own C# application


The potencial in the SMS communication sector will increase in the next years. It is faster , cheaper and more efficient than other marketing tool. The opening rate of SMS messages is 97% . You can check every detail about your message in a delivery report and with a good message you can engage consumers to your company. Why to use SMS

About the soltuion:

About the soltuion Ideal for compaines to send notifications in SMS Easy way to reach colleagues while they’re not online The application is customizable

Creating Database:

Creating Database Create a database in MyPHP admin database manager Copy the code of the two table from Ozeki website

Connecting SMS Gateway to Database:

Connecting SMS Gateway to Database Install database user in SMS Gateway Select ODBC string type Use the following string to connect database Driver ={ MySQL ODBC 5.1Driver };Server=; Database = ozekisms ; User = ozeki ; Password =abc123; Option =4;

Building C# Application:

Building C# Application Build a C# application which connects to MySQL database Or use the following example :

Sending out the first message:

Sending out the first message The C# application inserts commands from database The SMS Gateway reads the database and sends out the messages from the table


Try it yourself! To get the trial version of the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway click on the following link:

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