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Want to learn how to implement a JAVA SMS sending solution to your system in a fast and easy way? In the second part of the Ozeki Ultimate SMS API Guide you we will teach you the basics of the JAVA programming and the JAVA SMS sending method. Video Guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhA4dUpRCYE


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Example of how to send SMS message with Java application In this presentation you can learn the method of sending SMS messages with Ozeki Java SDK

Why to use SMS:

Why to use SMS The potencial in the SMS communication sector will increase in the next years. It is faster , cheaper and more efficient than other marketing tool. The opening rate of SMS messages is 97% . You can check every detail about your message in a delivery report and with a good message you can engage consumers to your company.

About Java and Ozeki Java SDK:

About Java and Ozeki Java SDK Java is one of the most popular programming language There are millions of Java applications Ozeki Java SDK helps you to integrate sms solution to your Java application

How to use Ozeki Java SDK:

How to use Ozeki Java SDK Step 1. - Download and install Ozeki NG SMS Gateway , Eclipse , Java SDK, and Ozeki Java API. Step 2 .- Create a Java project in Eclipse Step 3 .- Check your connection data and send your first sms message

Step 1. :

Step 1. Download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway , Eclipse , Java SDK, and Ozeki Java API. Install the sms gateway , the Eclipse and the Java SDK to your computer Extract the Ozeki Java API

Step 2.:

Step 2. Create a new Java project in Eclipse Add the Ozeki Java API to the libraries of the project Add two classes to your project Use the source code of the Ozeki Java API to create your application

Step 3. :

Step 3. Check your connection data in the source code Run the Java application Send your first sms message in your Java application

Try it yourself!:

Try it yourself! To get the trial version of the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway click on the following link: http://www.ozekisms.com/index.php?owpn=112

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