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Mangalore or the latest name Mangaluru, is a prominent picturesque city in South Canara, Karnataka. Located around 370 kilometres away from Bengaluru, it houses some well-known historical tourist places and is the chief port city in the state. https://www.oyorooms.com/travel-guide/best-beaches-in-mangalore/


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6 AWESOME BEACHES THAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS VISITING ONCE YOU ARE IN MANGALORE Mangalore or the latest name Mangaluru , is a prominent picturesque city in South Canara, Karnataka. Located around 370 kilometres away from Bengaluru, it houses some well-known historical tourist places and is the chief port city in the state. Ranked as the eighth cleanest city in India, it is renowned for its swaying coconut palms, beautiful beaches, and temple architecture. Sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghat  mountain ranges, it is also an important industrial, commercial, educational, and healthcare hub in the state of Karnataka.


6 AWESOME BEACHES THAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS VISITING ONCE YOU ARE IN MANGALORE However, the pristine undulating beaches in Mangalore are just one of the many wonderful features of the city. Despite the growing commercialization, it provides a quick and soothing getaway from the monotonous shackles of city life and yet preserves just the right amount of the urban glitter. It offers a pleasant natural environment and sustains an almost perfect centre due to its shopping attractions and grand complexes. Here, we have compiled an elaborate list of spectacular beaches in Mangalore for you to choose from when you visit the coastal town. Read on and get enlightened. The innumerable beaches in Mangalore assure you the best of scenic shores, all decked up with groves of thick palm trees and shimmering sands and combined with the delicious cuisine of fresh seafood. Said to be ‘Karnataka’s Port City’, Mangalore is replete with alluring beaches, vibrant culture, happening nightlife and all around beautiful locales.

Top 6 Beaches To Visit In Mangalore :

Top 6 Beaches To Visit In Mangalore Someshwara Beach Tannirbhavi Beach Surathkal Beach Sasihithlu Beach Ullal Beach Panambur Beach

1. Someshwara Beach :

1. Someshwara Beach Someshwara Beach is a family beach located in Ullal and is quite popular for being a stunning sunset point. Placed nearly 10 kilometres to the south of Mangalore, Someshwara is well-known for its large rocks called the Rudra  Shile . On the tip of the confluence of the Arabian Sea and Netravati River, this beach presents a fascinating vista due to its glistening golden sands and the coconut palms that border the beach. It is an extremely uneven and rocky beach and hence is advised not to dive in for swimming or other water-based sports. Called as the hidden gem of the city, it is encircled by lush green hills and majestic mountains in the backdrop, Boasting of shimmering golden sands, a long and beautiful coastline, this beach is synonymous with tranquillity and serenity. Someshwara Beach enshrines the Someshwara Temple as well. Dedicated to the Hindu God, Lord Shiva, it is believed that the rocks dotting the beach exist because of God’s presence. Another prominent attraction in the vicinity of the beach is the “ Ottinene Hill”, which is a beautiful vantage point and gives you mesmerising glimpses of the city below, the river Netravati and the big beautiful Arabian Sea.

2. Tannirbhavi Beach :

2. Tannirbhavi Beach

2. Tannirbhavi Beach :

2. Tannirbhavi Beach Tannirbhavi Beach is best known to be a calm and secluded beach in Mangalore. Being little afar from the city, it is one of the cleanest and less crowded beaches in Mangalore – away from the hustle-bustle of urban life. Thus, giving you the option of an ideal weekend getaway from Mangalore. There is no public transport to the beach, hence, one should take their own vehicles. It is one of those beaches that have trees on them. One can sit under the canopy of those enormous green trees and lose track of time while cherishing the sublime beauty of the place. Located along the Malabar Coast facing the Arabian Sea, on the southern end of the Mangalore Port, it is known for its glossy golden sands, clear blue waters, beautiful coastline, and fringes of trees. Its distance from the city retains the ambience preventing overexploitation and damage, and in the weekdays you will see fewer people on the shores; however, the weekends have a full show. The beach only lately gained a lot of popularity with the installation of modern facilities like proper washrooms, parking spaces, life guards, and several eatery stalls. A couple of concrete benches and sheds have also been installed and tall light masts are placed, for the safety and convenience of the tourists.

2. Tannirbhavi Beach :

2. Tannirbhavi Beach Away from the hustle bustle of the city, the beach offers the idyllic seclusion and solitude that is very much needed in the busy city life. Besides the fact that it is a resplendent and mesmerising sunrise and sunset point, you can also see a bunch of fishermen leaving or returning with their spoils, and ships entering and exiting the harbour . The remoteness and the isolation of the beach from the main city also make it more accessible for water sports especially swimming. You can take a dip in the shallow waters and swim to your heart’s content. If nothing, you can just pack a basket of food, a sheet, your sunglasses, and a favourite book and scurry to Tannirbhavi for a quick picnic. There are too many fun activities that you can try out in here.

3. Surathkal Beach :

3. Surathkal Beach As much as twenty kilometres away from Mangalore on your way to Udipi lies the charming Surathkal Beach. It is known to be one of the cleanest beaches in Mangalore along the scenic Karavali coastline. A vital attraction of the beach is the lighthouse that stands affirm on a rocky hillock. The lighthouse provides an undisturbed view of the colossal blue sea and the surrounding countryside. The Surathkal Beach lies further south of the tourist trap of Goa, home to one of the major ports of India. Unlike Goa, the beaches in Mangalore have not been overly exposed to tourism, retaining their natural charm of endless stretches of spotless shores, which are met by the alluring Arabian Sea. Surathkal Beach is a prime example of the pristine nature adorned by these coastal delights. With unevenly cut-out rocks that delightfully punctuate the smooth coastline, this beach is an enchanting location for those looking to enjoy the pleasure of the Konkan Coast without a herd of people marring the lovely view of the ocean. The sunset points here are breathtaking and definitely worth the drive from Mangalore. However, carry blocks of sunscreen, water bottles, and keep yourself as hydrated as you can. Steer away from the scorching heat as you dip in for some fun activities in this beach.

4. Sasihithlu Beach :

4. Sasihithlu Beach With long stretches of white sands and spectacular scenic beauty, Sasihithlu Beach gets huge traffic of frequented tourists. Situated at a distance of around 20 kilometres from Mangalore, the crystal clear waters of the beach and the cool breeze beckons people to enjoy the tranquillity of the place. The beach is the convergence point of the confluence of the rivers Nandini and Shambhavi with the Arabian Sea. It is actually a great place to hang out with your friends, relatives, and even family members as it is a family beach. The serenity of the beach will soak in every ounce of stress off you. Also, revel in some freshly cut fruit salads and coconut water, which are provided by the beach-side stalls.

5. Ullal Beach:

5. Ullal Beach

5. Ullal Beach :

5. Ullal Beach Ullal Beach is placed right next to Someshwar Beach and this stretch is often called as Ullal – Someshwar Beach. Situated in Ullal , this beach is roughly fifteen kilometres away from Mangalore city. The remnants of Abakka’s Jain Temple, Sayyid Madani Dargah, Rani Abakka’s Fort, and Someshwar Temple are the places to visit in Mangalore near the beach. Ullal Beach is undisputedly one of the best family beaches of Karnataka. The blue-green waters of the Arabian Sea are complemented by the luscious golden sands of the beach. The entire coast of the serene Ullal Beach is flanked with tall lush casuarinas and dense palm trees that make it look like a scene from a beautiful painting. In fact, the beach is set in an area of 14-acresof land filled with casuarina groves! These trees sway in the calming breeze at the beach and instil a sense of tranquillity within you.

5. Ullal Beach:

5. Ullal Beach The waters of the beach are very clean and invite you to take a dip. For the adrenaline junkies, there are many special arrangements for water sports activities that will pump you with energy and are sure to excite you. You can treat yourself to some delicious small eats that are a local favourite . Lounging on the Ullal Beach is a great way to treat yourself after a long mundane day.  The azure waters and the gentle breeze wafting from the sea will revitalize and refresh you as nothing else will. If you are out on a vacation or plan to spend the weekend by the beach, a quick trip to the Ullal Beach is the ideal relaxation break you need from the monotony and hassles of daily life.

6. Panambur Beach :

6. Panambur Beach

6. Panambur Beach:

6. Panambur Beach An emerging picnic spot, the Panambur Beach is a tourist magnet especially during the hot summer and other popular holidays. This scenic beach is situated on the Mangalore – Udupi Highway and is 14 kilometres away from the city stretching all the way to Surathkal . The name of the beach has been derived from ‘ Panam ’ translating to money and ‘ ur ’ translating to place. The International Kite Flying Festival takes place at this beach every year. One can also see exquisite and massive sand sculptures during this festival. Tourists can enjoy various fun activities by participating in water sports such as jet skiing, sea surfing, etc. Boat races, sand sculpture contests, and myriad other air shows are also common at this beach.

6. Panambur Beach:

6. Panambur Beach You can also fetch some  golas  or go for dolphin viewing as this beach has a lot to offer to its visitors. It is said to be the first beach in the country, which is entirely owned by a private enterprise, i.e. the Panambur Beach Tourism Development Project. The motive of this project is to come up with innovative ideas and to teach people about the efficiency of keeping beaches clean and green. Recently, owing to its excellent maintenance, Panambur Beach has been awarded the cleanest and best-maintained beach award in India. Moreover, the beautiful beach caters to several events, promotional programmes , weddings, parties, etc. The beach is an essential landmark to the location of Kudremukh Iron Ore Factory and the Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers Factory. Mangalore is an extremely beautiful city in the state of Karnataka, which is home to some really amazing beaches. The six beaches listed here will entice any beach loving enthusiast and water sports adventurer. These beaches can please both the solitary peace seeker and the family seeking to have a good time. Besides enjoying the tranquil and scenic view you can also eat some lip-smacking fresh seafood and local dishes that are served by the beach-side stalls. So, when next you plan on travelling to Mangalore do not miss visiting these stunning beaches.


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