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Goa, has long provided a haven for those in search of the 3S, namely the sun, sand, and the sea. Boasting a hundred kilometres of stunning coastline and an endless list of idyllic beach settings, there is no surprise as to why so many people flock to Goa for their beach holiday.


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5 GLISTENING BEACHES THAT YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS OUT IN GOA Proudly tagged as India’s ‘Sunshine State’ – Goa, has long provided a haven for those in search of the 3S, namely the sun, sand, and the sea. Boasting a hundred kilometres of stunning coastline and an endless list of idyllic beach settings, there is no surprise as to why so many people flock to Goa for their beach holiday. This pristine and picturesque state is all about relaxation and chills. Being one of the most popular destinations in the country to have carved a niche for itself in the World Tourism Map, it is exceptionally famous for its enchanting beaches. People relish the idea of coming here to indulge in the amusement and frolicking under the sun by the beach and unleash the last ounce of stress off the bodies. From sizzling nightlife, hippie markets to the glitz and glam, the more explored and frequently-visited it is, the better is Goa’s vivacity.


5 GLISTENING BEACHES THAT YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS OUT IN GOA Goa hides umpteen surprises in every corner. This beautiful destination and its warm-hearted localities welcome tourists with open arms and big smiles. Not just to the Indian crowd, yet it also offers a heavy amount of tourism from international peers as well. Plus, you can get to witness a number of family beaches too packed with families engaging in several fun activities. In fact, the only question you are most likely expected to encounter is in choosing which beach to visit during your stay in Goa.  Top 5 Beaches To Visit In Goa Sinquerim Beach Baga Beach Vagator Beach Palolem Beach Morjim Beach

1. Sinquerim Beach :

1. Sinquerim Beach Sinquerim Beach is an exquisite beach located at about 13 kilometres north of Panaji, the capital city of Goa. Near this beach is the most famous Aguada Fort, a Portuguese Fort that was built in the earlier days to defend an attack from the sea route. Being a perfect example of engineering marvel, it adds up to the scenic backdrop to the site. Although the beach does get a little crowded during season time due to tourists visiting this fort, it is quieter and peaceful on the other days of the year and should not be missed on a visit to Goa. Known to be a clean beach providing a nice view of dolphin spotting sights, it is a must visit especially when peace is something you are looking for. With a vast expanse of golden sand, you get to try out a number of water rides and other water adventures. Some of the other fun activities worth mentioning are  snorkelling , banana ride, and parasailing. When you feel hungry after the exciting and exhausting water-adventures, head straight to the food stalls to try out some quick Goan -munchies that are utterly sumptuous and worth a try!

2. Baga Beach :

2. Baga Beach

2. Baga Beach:

2. Baga Beach A charming family beach, the Baga Beach accounts to be one of the most alluring beaches in the state, appearing like it has come straight out of a painting. It is considered to be the extension of the Calangute Beach itself since both of these lies on the same stretch of the shore. The beach gets its name from the Baga Creek, which meets the Arabian Sea at the northern end of the beach. Baga beach is popular among tourists because of the fact that it hosts plenty of watersports activities like jet-ski, banana boat ride, parasailing, and speedboat ride. It also houses some of the most bewitching luxury resorts, spa hubs, and beach cottages. It is incredibly famous for its nightlife. Hosting some of the most amazing pubs and clubs, it is hugely popular with the younger crowds because of its cool nightlife. Some must-try signature places are Britto’s, Tito’s, and Mambos as they have left an indelible print in the hearts of party goers. It is also famous for its designer stores as well as its street-side markets where you can shop till your feet ache and your wallet grumbles!  Grab a lip smacking brunch at Infantaria – a highly recommended eatery, relax by the beach all day, and in the evening let out the party animal stashed in you come alive.

3. Vagator Beach :

3. Vagator Beach

3. Vagator Beach:

3. Vagator Beach If you are on the lookout for some revitalising beach holiday destinations in Goa, well then, Vagator Beach is just the place for you. The northernmost beach of Bardez Taluka, the Vagator Beach is 21 kilometres from Panaji and is characterised by a combination of its soft white sands and imposing but beautiful rocky cliffs. The beach is further bifurcated into two major parts, namely Little Vagator , alias as Ozran Beach, and Big Vagator . The monotony of fine white sand is broken by beautifully contrasting black rocks. The lush greenery around this beach will definitely take your breath away. Resembling that of a crescent moon, the tourists come here to relish the beautiful sunset points and sumptuous seafood to die for. Being an eclectic pot of local art, music, and nightlife, it speaks volumes about its rustic beauty and picturesque greenery. Its serenity and tranquillity  allures those who are in real need of refuge from the hustling beach cultures. It is well-famed for housing the Chapora Fort famously referred to as the ‘ Dil Chahta Hai’ Point. (Bollywood movie.)

3. Vagator Beach:

3. Vagator Beach While the sweeping view that the sea generates from the Vagator Cliff is undoubtedly splendid, tourists also swarm to Vagator for its myriad dining options and an overall upbeat vibe at the beach shacks and parties. It has recently gained a special place of preference in the hearts of tourists and visitors for its food. One of the most famous places to see is, of course, Thalassa – a quaint and artistic Greek themed beach restaurant with beach seating and stunning gourmet adventures. Moreover, there are many other gourmet places serving up quality local and international food such as Fusion Restaurant, Villa Blanche Bistro, and Antares Beach Restaurant. Also, don’t miss the famous Sunburn Festival that is organized in the last week of December every year. The culture of Vagator is largely defined by its aura, rave parties, and amazing beach life; all of which you need to experience when you visit this very place. Vagator Beach undoubtedly attracts people from all over the globe and promises you a day full of fun, frenzy, and an unforgettable rendezvous with the waves!

4. Palolem Beach:

4. Palolem Beach

4. Palolem Beach:

4. Palolem Beach Visited mainly by the fisherman and foreign tourists, Palolem gets to enjoy its own piece of serenity. With waves sloshing out on the rocky shore, this beach doesn’t easily get hit by the fast currents, eventually making it easier for average swimmers to dive in and splash. It is famous for many fun activities that are yet to be discovered. Called to be The Southern Gem of Goa, it is a white sand paradise on the southern tip of Goa, approximately 38 kilometres from Madgaon in Cancona and is among the most favourite destinations for travellers seeking peace and quiet. No wonder it sees endless hordes of foreign as well as domestic travellers that make the quaint thatched roof cottages on the shore, their home.  Its mile-long shoreline gifts you with opportunities to eat, relax, and chill in or spend some time with your loved ones in the water. It can be noted that while families mostly stick to the northern end of the beach, considering the fact that it is a family beach, the rest of the backpackers and solo tourists occupy the central and southern part of the beach, which is known for its beach parties and entertainment. Although the party scene isn’t that massive on this stretch of the beach, the Silent Noise Parties held at Neptune Point draws a considerable crowd.

4. Palolem Beach:

4. Palolem Beach Until the late 19-century, Palolem was a relatively virgin and an unexplored destination. Nonetheless, the beach soon gained popularity due to its serene beauty and off-white sands. Cossetted within lofty highlands on either side, the Palolem Beach is enveloped with calm surroundings. One of the most common attractions here is the ferry rides that take visitors to witness dolphins and the elusive Butterfly and Honeymoon Beaches. Tourists can also indulge in watersports like paragliding and windsurfing at this beach. Hiking around this beach is one of the most popular things to do in Goa. Palolem Beach boasts of two islands where travellers can visit by hiking or canoeing. The Honeymoon Island is popular among couples and offers lovely views of the horizon. You can visit the Monkey Island by a small hike and it is known for the sunset point. It is again a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

5. Morjim Beach :

5. Morjim Beach Said to be the “Home of the Olive Ridley Turtles”, Morjim Beach is undoubtedly one of the most tranquil beaches of North Goa and is located around 12 kilometres away from Morjim  through the Duler -Marna- Siolim Road. This earns Morjim Beach another moniker, namely Turtle Beach as it serves as nesting habitat for Olive Ridley Turtles. The nesting season for the Olive Ridley Turtles usually begins in September, although sometimes it can be as late as January, and lasts until March. Morjim accounts to be one of the three beaches’ that are the nesting sites of the Olive Ridley Turtleson the Goan coastline, the other two being Agonda and Galgibaga in the Southern half. Thus, this time of the year is popular among tourists who wish to see the nesting. However, as the Olive Ridley Turtles is categorized as vulnerable in the Red List, Morjim Beach is a protected area on which beach parties and shacks are banned. The ones that exist are farther away from the sea and do not play overly loud music.

5. Morjim Beach:

5. Morjim Beach The beach is also locally known as ‘Little Russia’ as a significant number of Russians visit the area and make it a point to stay here for more than a month. Consequently, the place is full of Russian signboards and shops that sell Russian cuisine. There is a multitude of restaurants offering quality cuisine and the promise of good time. You can easily go for a quick dip in the sea, experience a day by the beach sipping chilled beer, and even indulge in some shopping on the beach street. Owing to the shallow depth, kite surfing makes for an exciting activity at the Morjim Beach. Some of the must-visit places in Morjim include Beach Street, Lazy Dog Cafe, La Plage , The Rice Mill, and many more such eateries that offer delicious cuisine and memorable time. Also, some of the fun activities you can try out is bird-watching. Sight some rare species like Kingfisher, Cuckoo, Sand Plover, and Sandpipers. To put Goa in words can be challenging as it is a small world in itself. Simply put, it is everything that you can ask for in a heaven on earth. The aforementioned details should be enough for igniting the urge to swing by once. Plan your trip right away and let Goa welcome you with all its charm and love.


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