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Oye tent Rent a camping tent in New Delhi and admire the nature and take in the fresh air by camping on the outskirts with your loved one.


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A B O UT U S www.oyetents.com OyeTents offered comprise cool and well adaptable tents that can be arranged in endless combinations so as to provide for the desired interior space. Providing high functionality as standalone tents, these modular structures feature presence of modules that can be attached in different combinations so as to provide for desired space to structural finish requirements. The available design options include Exhibition Tent, Modular Tents , Garden Tents, Army Tent, Resort Tent, Exhibition Hanger Cover, Jungle Safari Tents


OUR PRODUCTS Pvc Fabric Tents Pavilion Tents Pagoda Tents Traditional Tents Cabana Tent Mughal Tents Luxury Swiss Cottage Tents Jungle Safari Tents Resort Tent Army Tent Camping Tents Garden Tents www.oyetents.com

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Pvc Fabric Tents www.oyetents.com

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Pavilion Tents www.oyetents.com

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Pagoda Tents www.oyetents.com

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Traditional Tents www.oyetents.com

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Cabana Tent www.oyetents.com

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Mughal Tents www.oyetents.com

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Luxury Swiss Cottage Tents www.oyetents.com

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Jungle Safari Tents www.oyetents.com

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Resort Tent www.oyetents.com

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www.oyetents.com Army Tent

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www.oyetents.com Garden Tents

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www.oyetents.com Camping Tents

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36 Paradise Building, Room No-3, Madhu Vihar, Patparganj DELHI- 110092 CONTACT US www.oyetents.com

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THANK YOU www.oyetents.com

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