Indirect questions

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Indirect questions:

Indirect questions

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Direct questions are often considered rude when speaking to strangers. To be more polite we often use indirect question forms. Indirect questions serve the same purpose as direct questions, but are considered more formal . When using an indirect question, use an introductory phrase followed by the question itself in positive sentence structure . e.g : Do you know when Alice usually arrives ?

Here’s how to do it: :

Here’s how to do it: Introductory phrase + question word (or if) + positive sentence Connect the two phrases with the question word (what, where, when, how…) e.g : direct  Where is Jack? indirect  Could you tell me where Jack is? or ‘if ’ in the case the question is a ‘yes’, ‘no’ question. e.g : direct Is the library open today? indirect  do you happen to know if the library is open today?

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Here are some common phrases used for asking indirect questions. Many of these phrases are questions (i.e., Do you know when the next train leaves? ), while others are statements made to indicate a question (i.e., I wonder if he will be on time. ). Do you know … ? I wonder / was wondering …. Can you tell me … ? Could you tell me…? Do you happen to know ...? I have no idea ... I'm not sure ... I'd like to know ... Have you any idea ...

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