What Lawyer Do You Need, Family Or Probate

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You can either approach family solicitors Shepperton or probate lawyers or both. The best thing that you can do is to approach lawyers and go for an initial interview.


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It was interesting to read an article in one of our daily newspapers about a woman who is set to lose half of her home. The situation arose when her partner died. They were both married before, but the partner never divorced his wife. They lived together for 18 years before he died. Although he did not have anything to do with his wife during this time, the latter is now staking claim on his share of the home. It is a tricky situation because couples who are merely living together do not have the same rights as married couples or people in a civil partnership. You will need a lawyer obviously to sort out this problem, but which one?   http://www.owenwhitecatlin.co.uk/ What Lawyer Do You Need, Family Or Probate

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You can either approach family solicitors Shepperton or probate lawyers or both. The best thing that you can do is to approach lawyers and go for an initial interview. The first consultation is free of charge. You will then know in which direction you should go. Because the common law husband never changed his will the partner now finds herself in this situation. She is presently launching a battle in the High Court to have the status of cohabitees recognised, so that ultimately they will have the same rights. http://www.owenwhitecatlin.co.uk/

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If you should leave your husband to go and live with someone else, you do not know how long the relationship is going to last. But after some years, it is very necessary to put your house in order if it’s likely you are together for good. As you can see from the above, a will needs to be changed so that your joint home cannot be taken away. There may be complicated financial matters to consider and for this you should approach a probate solicitor. http://www.owenwhitecatlin.co.uk/

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Another point to consider is the fact that the couple mentioned above owned their property as tenants in common. Under probate law the property does not automatically pass to the surviving partner. This may have to be rectified by a conveyancing lawyer. The question of recognising the rights of the common law spouse is a battle that is best suited to a family lawyer. http://www.owenwhitecatlin.co.uk/

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Where is the solicitor located? There are several concerns with the location of the solicitor, so we’ll look at each in turn. If you need to go to court, it is often better to choose a solicitor that knows the local circuit. For instance, if you need to go to court in Hammersmith, you should look for solicitors in Hammersmith. This is because they will have knowledge and understanding about the judges and the types of decisions they make. This will prove invaluable in many cases, either reducing sentencing, or increasing the odds of a positive outcome. If you do not normalise your life together by drawing up a cohabitation agreement you may find that when your loved one dies you could lose your home and you may end up penniless if financial arrangements had not been sorted out. The person above who now finds herself in this position is in her late sixties and she still has to work to keep her head above water financially. Because the situation is legally an interesting and complicated one, any lawyer would relish getting their teeth into such a case. You will have to do your best to research solicitors who are able to help you. http://www.owenwhitecatlin.co.uk/

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We have six offices located in South West London Addlestone Ashford Chiswick Chiswick - Watson Marshal Feltham Hammersmith Shepperton Solicitors London Solicitors Middlesex Solicitors Surrey

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Thanks for your time http://www.owenwhitecatlin.co.uk/

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