What to Expect from Your Conveyancing Solicitor

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Environment search: this is to make sure that the area around and upon which the property is built is safe.


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Moving house is supposedly one of the most stressful things that you can do. We’d agree. Having recently moved, it’s not something we plan on doing again for a good while! However, with the right knowledge and the correct help, you can make the process much easier. One place that you can find help is from your conveyancing solicitor. Below, we’re going to look at the various things that a good conveyancing solicitor will do for you.    http://www.owenwhitecatlin.co.uk/ What to Expect from Your Conveyancing Solicitor

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They Will Explain How the Process Works Sometimes, you might come across a solicitor who isn’t very forth coming with an explanation about the process you are about to embark on. This isn’t because they don’t know, and it’s often not because they can’t be bothered either, often, it’s simply because they just haven’t thought to clue you in .  This is a bad sign. Not so much that anything will go wrong with the process, but that they are unlikely to keep you up to date with the process as it moves forward. A good conveyancing solicitor will sit you down and talk you through the house-buying and selling process. They will tell you what you need to do and when you need to do it. http://www.owenwhitecatlin.co.uk/

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A good solicitor will provide these in-depth explanations at each step of the process. This way, you will always understand how far along you are and when you’re likely to be able to move in/out.   They Will Conduct All the Relevant Investigations When you buy a new house, the solicitor will have to investigate many things to ensure that the purchase is safe. This includes: http://www.owenwhitecatlin.co.uk/

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Land Registry search: probably the most important search, this is to make sure that the person who is selling the property is the legal owner and is therefore allowed to sell it.   Commons search: this is to make sure that the property is private, and does not belong to the ‘commons’. If a property is built on common land, then it should not be there.   Water search: this is to make sure that the sewage and wastewater is being taken away from the property. It is also to make sure that the property is attached to the mains water supply. http://www.owenwhitecatlin.co.uk/

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5747353_1.PPT | What is special about lawyers? Where is the solicitor located? There are several concerns with the location of the solicitor, so we’ll look at each in turn. If you need to go to court, it is often better to choose a solicitor that knows the local circuit. For instance, if you need to go to court in Hammersmith, you should look for solicitors in Hammersmith. This is because they will have knowledge and understanding about the judges and the types of decisions they make. This will prove invaluable in many cases, either reducing sentencing, or increasing the odds of a positive outcome. Environment search: this is to make sure that the area around and upon which the property is built is safe. It includes checking things like contamination, subsidence, and unexploded WWII bombs. For example, if you’re buying a place in Hammersmith, it’s fairly common for conveyancing solicitors Hammersmith to find evidence of bombs being dropped in the area. London was substantially bombed, and Hammersmith was literally hammered. Unexploded bombs can cause problems. There can also be subsidence issues in areas that witnessed heavy bombing.

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5747353_1.PPT | What is special about lawyers? Local search: this looks into any planning regulation that may affect the property. It might include things like council plans to reclaim the land.   As you can appreciate, it’s very important that the solicitor carry out the necessary searches. This is why it is vital to use either a conveyancer or a conveyancing solicitor. They will ensure that all the necessary searches are carried out.  

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