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How Your SEO Gets Affected Due to Reviews Customer reviews are what most companies thrive on nowadays. With some good positive customer reviews come bigger high-paying clients. According to recent studies almost 90 percent of potential buyers check out customer links before buying your product or service. Reviews can be considered to be as good as personal recommendations. A lot of buyers are willing to invest in your services and products only if you have produced good results with your previous customers. Customer satisfaction is the key. Most clients will be willing to leave their feedback after they buy your service or product. This in turn will allow other customers to partner with you. However how does this affect the SEO of your system You might have a massive SEO system powering your blog page and website. Your site maybe thriving with loads of content to power your SOP but is that enough Google reviews and Facebook page reviews are vital to helping boost your company’s profits. A few briefs on how good reviews can help your SEO grow are discussed in this article. User-Generated Content: Self-praise is vital but praise from old customers will bring in new profits and new customers. Most of your clients will be willing to give you a good review without you having to pay any money. This is much more important than how much you pay for any type of marketing. Keyword Traffic to your site: When customers give you a review they use generic sentences such as ‘one of the best xyz products.’ Once more and more customers start giving out similar reviews the keyword will now be optimised for your site hence increasing traffic. Visible star ratings: A lot of organisations tend to hide reviews or block the name of the customers against their reviews. This will tend to leave a negative impact on your potential clients. It is always best to leave reviews open and even the insensitive customer info intact. You are bound to get more profits if this works out well.

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Just like positive reviews can be a boon negative reviews can hurt the SEO of your blog page. Weeding out fake reviews is also essential. You will need the best SEO agency in India to help improve your SEO in every way possible. Some ways by which you can encourage customers to leave reviews: • Reward customers for leaving reviews – this generally is the best way to encourage them to write a review. • Choose only the right people at the right time to give you a review. Regular customers are always preferred over someone who is just a one-time buyer. • Keep the system for leaving a review extremely simple and user-friendly. A person generally does not like giving a review if the process is tedious. In case of a bad review respond to the customer and try to help fix the issue. This customer will most certainly get back and change the review. Also reply with a ‘thank you’note to positive reviews. SEO for your site from reviews has known to produce great results. ADDRESS Outsourcing Technologies 435-436 Industrial Area Phase - 1 Panchkula Haryana India - 134113 1735 Kispling Ave. Suite A2 Toronto Canada 209 Sylvia St West Lafayette IN 47906 United States Website:

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