Reasons Why Bus Shelter Advertising is the Best

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Placing adverts in high traffic areas allows for continuous and targeted exposure to customers. Out of home advertisements are the best way to promote your brand. For colourful and creative billboards, hire adinn, one of the best outdoor advertising companies in Tamilnadu. For more details, visit


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Reasons Why Bus Shelter Advertising is the Best :

Reasons Why Bus Shelter Advertising is the Best


Introduction: I n India , bus shelter advertising is found to be a high reach since it offers an impressive array of strategically positioned, illuminated advertising panels through major urban cities. It is well suited for the advertisers who seeks immediate exposure to their target market and allows significant opportunities for on ground activation. For effective billboard ads reach out to the leading electronic billboard advertising company in Kerala.

Room for Creativity::

Room for Creativity: Bus shelter ad space offers you a wide range platform to be more creative in which you can either use a single image or multiple images within the panels. In bus shelter, the ads can be both static and scrolling bus shelter. The static ads are the one which are fixed and includes multiple panels or a single one that stands alone, whereas the scrolling bus shelter ads are projected on a screen and offer businesses the oppurtunity to scroll different panels of information.

Stable Influence: :

Stable Influence: From the perspective of future development, it is the evergreen of advertising media. The bus shelter advertisement has to be set according to the common psychological characteristics consumers in a certain area. On the other hand, the bus shelter advertisement can provide repeated publicity for the fixed consumers who often operate in that particular area, which makes the impression strong. Such higher attention makes it easier for the consumer to accept the advertisements.

Right Price::

Right Price: Budget is often a deciding factor when incorporating different avenues of advertising into your marketing plan. Among several forms of outdoor advertisements, bus shelter advertising is one of the cheapest advertising spaces you can use if you consider the number of people you can reach on a daily basis. It provides a pretty large area for the price. The amount of space offered for the money would be more than enough.

Repeated Viewers::

Repeated Viewers: Some other advertising spots like television ads had to fight for prime time showing which is not necessary when it comes to bus shelter advertisements since it is the place where huge numbers of people gather before and after work, and plenty of other times of the day. There is also a good chance that most of the people seeing your ad will see it day after day because it’s likely they take that bus or walk or drive that route pretty often. Such things makes it difficult for the consumers to forget your ad when it is viewed multiple times a week.


7/18/2019 Conclusion Outdoor ads are a nice and subtle way to influence people to purchase your product. Among several outdoor advertising medium, you can pick any platform that works best with your business. Contact one of the top outdoor advertising companies in Kerala for effective advertising solutions.

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