Get Started And Prepared With Their Camping Trip

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Get Started And Prepared With Their Camping Trip Dont you hate it when you have a hunting trip planned and the forecast calls for terrible weather Have you ever canceled a camping trip because it was too cold or rainy I dont have that problem anymore. Last November I decided to go to deer camp with some of my friends. We made our plans several weeks ahead of time so wed all have time to get our camping gear ready. As opening day of deer season approached I watched the Weather Channel and things didnt look very promising. The forecast was for a cold and snowy weekend but were sure it wouldnt keep us from hunting down our prey. You see I had canceled too many hunting trips in the past and recently purchased a four season family camping tent and some thermal sleeping bags to prevent it from happening again. The tent sleeps up to eight so I knew there would be plenty of room for the five of us and our equipment. I also knew wed be protected because the four season camping tent is made to withstand all kinds of bad weather. As the weekend approached I packed all my gear with complete confidence that wed be going hunting as planned. Not only that but guys without the right camping equipment would be canceling their trips. Fewer hunters in the woods would mean better hunting for us. Also you know how it seems like the deer know exactly when hunting season starts Well maybe because of the lousy weather they wouldnt hide quite so carefully. Car Camping Checklist The weekend finally arrived and we stowed our camping equipment in the car and headed for the woods. All of a sudden I realized that we left the picnic backpacks with the sandwiches for our first day in it. We dont barbecue on Friday because by the time we get to camp and set up our gear its too late to bother cooking. After the first night though we cook all our meals on our portable grill. Finally we were on the road. I couldnt wait to get to hunting camp and set up our camping equipment before the snow and wind started. For me theres nothing better than a weekend in the woods with my best friends and the anticipation of the hunt to come.

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