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The Air Force Museum located at Palam Air Force Station in Delhi. It showcases an extensive collection of armory, aircraft’s and other significant types of equipment echoing the glorious history of Indian Air Force.


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Indian War Memorial an Exemplar of Indian and Foreign Soldiers’ Sacrifices Located in the famous Red Fort’s Naubat Khana Naqqar Khana aka Musical House building the Indian War Memorial is dedicated to the sacrifice of the Indian and foreign soldiers during World Wars. Previously the museum was famous as “Red Fort Museum”.

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Indian War Memorial Museum The museum is housed in the Naubat Khana of the Red Fort The two floors- first and second of the Naqqar or Naubat Khana are dedicated to this museum. You can access it from the North and Southern ends of the mentioned building.

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Indian War Memorial Museum Diorama of the first battle of Panipat in 1526 The galleries located in this museum usually house objects related to war. The first gallery showcases the diorama exemplifying the battle of Panipat between Babur and Ibrahim Lodi.

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Indian War Memorial Museum Weapons displaying in the museum In the same gallery you’ll find other objects like: • Arrows • Machine Guns • Revolvers • Khukuris • Swords

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• Shells • Daggers with Ivory Inscribed Hilt • Small Weapons • Chest Armors The Gallery No. 2 and 3 houses: • Armors • Helmets • Daggers • Different Types of Swords • Shells • Bomb Fuses • Models of Pistols • Bullets • Gun Powder Flasks • Pictures of Arms and Ammunitions dating back to World War-I Last two Galleries of the Museum Exhibit: • Radars • Telegraph • Telephone • Trench Periscope

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• Guns with Periscope • Signal Lamps • Flags • Badges and Ribbons • Models of Transport Cart • Railway Goods Track • Baghdad Arab Port • Basra Dockyard • Various Types of Uniforms of New Zealand Turkish Army Officers Other objects displayed in this museum include the dress of Maharaja Jodhpur the impressive kurta trouser belt shoes turban inscribed sword with sheath used by His Highness Pratap Singh. Location: Red Fort New Delhi. Phone: +91 23273703 Timing: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Closed on Monday Nearest Metro Station: Chandni Chowk Metro Station

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