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Even the most cordial splits and child custody agreements should be consulted with the expert assistance of child custody lawyers. Their specialization in this area can be extremely helpful for a parent to settle their disputes regarding custody.


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O’Sullivan LEGAL

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O'Sullivan Legal is a leading firm of Sydney family court lawyers dealing with child custody issues, divorce and family law property settlements... Our goal is to provide you with legal services second to none. In the provision of legal services we strive for excellence... At O'Sullivan Legal in a cost effective, reliable and professional manner, we assist our clients to navigate a positive course through the ups and downs of coming to a resolution of their legal issues.

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Family lawyer Sydney Cbd can also help you if you are looking to put a pre-nuptial agreement in place. In addition, if you have only been living together but have never been married they can also advice on your legal rights in the event of a separation. Best Family Lawyers Sydney

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An attorney who is experienced in this field will be able to help you to receive all that you deserve during the time of your divorce. According to the laws, you will be able to decide on the split of the property. Divorce Lawyer Sydney

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Armed robbery is a serious criminal offence that is committed if a person performs a robbery whilst in possession of a weapon or firearm. The definition of a weapon or a firearm is very broad and can include anything from a screwdriver or cricket bat to an imitation firearm or explosive. Armed Robbery Lawyer

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Best Criminal Lawyer Sydney A criminal attorney Sydney, like other lawyers, need to have a high-level of integrity. The person needs to be honest with the clients. He/she needs to inform the clients about the progress of the case and any other stuff that is related to it. The client has also has to be informed about the outcome of the proceeding.

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Criminal Defence Lawyer Sydney Courtroom is a tough and twisted place, the scenario can change any moment. Right from the time of introduction, jury is keeping a fixed eye on you. The time your jurors can give you their voices is during the jury voir dire. Hire one of the best criminal defence lawyer Sydney to run through this vital process.

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Drug Trafficking Lawyer A professionally qualified and well experienced drug trafficking lawyer can help you by digging out the numerous substantive and procedural rights to which a criminal defendant is entitled. Every step is taken carefully so that the client gets saved from being arrested.

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Child Custody Lawyer Sydney A child custody lawyer Sydney will be able reveal hidden truths which you yourself might not be aware of and which could deliver the best possible result for your child. Given below are certain things that your child custody lawyer will be able to do for you.

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Family Lawyer Eastern Suburbs Our family lawyers servicing the Eastern Suburbs area specialising in the area of family law, divorce and relationship breakdown cases. Our family lawyers will provide you expert legal advice on your rights and obligations.

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Contact Us O’Sullivan Legal Lv 4 95 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 Phone :- 040 770 867 Email :- Website :- https://

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