Bonsai Tools – Five Must Have Tools for Caring your Bonsai Trees

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For proper growth and care of your bonsai trees, choosing the right bonsai tools is important. Read here about the five must have bonsai tools if you want to give the proper care of these trees.


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Title: Bonsai T ools – Five Must Have T ools for Caring your Bonsai Trees Summary: For proper growth and care of your bonsai trees choosing the right bonsai tools is important. Read here about the five must have bonsai tools if you want to give proper care of these trees. Content: Before we talk about the bonsai tools let’s discuss why you should plant bonsai trees. Chinese first started growing bonsai trees over a thousand years ago. Also called pun-sai in the early days these trees have very sparse foliage and gnarled trunk similar to dragons birds and other animals. Due to their attractiveness and benefits it soon became a passion for many people to grow and care bonsai trees. These cute trees act as stress reliever when used as a hobby. Since these trees need constant care it develops patience in you. It spreads positivity and purifies the air in your home or office. Bonsai trees look really great. But if you stop caring them these will gradually lose their attractive and positive benefits. These trees need to be taken care of by pruning reducing the roots potting properly and grafting to maintain their miniature size while ensuring that they copy the shape of a fully-grown tree. Remember dealing with bonsai trees is an art and needs long term care with dedication. Caring your bonsai trees is not an easy task and need proper caring bonsai tools. There are mainly three grades of these tools: standard grade professional grade and master’ grade. These are arranged according to the level of skills possessed by individuals when growing and caring these trees. No matter what your level of skills is you have to buy these bonsai tools carefully. When you buy bonsai tools it is important to consider what kind of tools you need according to your dedication to these trees. In every grade you must have the following tools if you want to give proper and successful care to your trees: 1. Butterfly Shears - It is also called hasami. It is one of the most popular tools for bonsai tree that is widely used in Japan. It is extensively used because it is easy to use. It has a large space in handles to keep fingers carefully on it. You can use it even when wearing gloves. 2. Concave Cutter: Concave cutter is the top most tools that every serious lover of bonsai trees must have. This cutter is used to remove overgrown branches and crops. It leaves not stub on the trees and is easy to use. This is the first tool to add to your bonsai tools collection. 3. Long Handle Shears: This tool is also known as Ahinaga Hisami in Japan. It is also known as the American version of the butterfly shear. Its shape is similar to the regular scissors and it works exactly like butterfly shears. 4. Twig Shear: The fourth most important tool is twig shear which is also known as Kiri Hasami. It is also another slender version of butterfly and has

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long shear. It works excellently when it comes to work with deeper parts into the bonsai tree. It ensures that no branches or shape of the tree is destroyed. 5. Azalea Type Shear: Also known as Satsuki Hasami it is the smallest shear. It is used for pruning activity. It reaches that are that cannot be reached by other tools. This is because of its small and precise size. Even after being the smallest tool it is strong enough to do the heavy jobs with bonsai trees. Do you wonder why you need different types of bonsai tools when all do similar jobs This is mainly because of different size of these tools that help assessing different areas of these trees. Contact Us Address: 1209 N Orange St Wilmington DE 19801 United States Phone no: 045-556-7852 Website:

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