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Most of the interior designers Kochi agreed the fact that usually customer prefers to go with the customized modular kitchen design in their home. Most important space in a house is the kitchen area so it must be designed in the best. Ostrya being the recognized and the leading Home Interior Designers in Kochi we have developed amazing designs for modular kitchen. We are one of the topmost modular kitchen providers in Kerala.

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Advantages of Modular Kitchen over Regular Kitchen 1. Smart Sleek Design The sleek and unique design of a customized modular kitchen is completely attractive as of its minimalistic look. And also the smart design ideas help to put up the whole thing that you conveniently need in your kitchen in an effective and creative manner.

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2. Easy Installation One of the major advantages of modular kitchen is that the installation processIt is easy process when it comparing with the regular kitchen. The modular kitchen takes very less time to assemble its component since they are pre- fabricated.

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3. Higher Storage Capacity Better Space Management Modular kitchens contain various cabinets and shelves which can be easily assembled in minimal storage spaces. So it helps to keep the maximum of things in an effective manner.The main advantage of the customized modular kitchen is that storage space can be arranged and well organized depending upon the customers’ needs and requirements.

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4. Easy Customization In the customized modular kitchen it is very easy to implement customization by adding more shelves cupboards wall hangings cabinets and many more.

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5. Easy maintenance Maintaining of the customized modular kitchen is very easyThe modular kitchen can be easily cleaned by covering all its components in an effective way.The quality materials used in the modular kitchens may be hardwood MDF plywood or maybe the mixture of both. Lamination of these quality materials guards them against destruction and create long-lasting.

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Thanks Team Ostrya

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