Historico-cultural Heritage of Britain. The Celts.

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Historico-cultural Heritage of Britain. The Celts. :

Historico-cultural Heritage of Britain. The Celts. Автор : Смирнова Ольга Геннадьевна, учитель английского языка и страноведения МОУ «Гимназия №2» г. Брянска Урок страноведения в 10 гуманитарном классе в рамках темы “Britain’s Prehistory”

Targets Setting:

“ Without the Celts our world and culture would have been grey and dull . . . ” Targets Setting

Warming up::

Warming up: Prove that the Celts are full of contradictions ! Make up sentences using the following Conversational Formulas : On the one hand… but on the other… For one thing… for another… From one point of view… but from the other…

Planning. Getting Homework:

Planning. Getting Homework Complete the spidergram: The Celts H/w : write a composition “A day spent with the Celts” Handicrafts Social groups, occupation Art Appearance, image, clothing Way of life Dwellings, architecture Festivals Religion, cults, worships Role of women World outlook, way of thinking

Listening Comprehension: :

Listening Comprehension: Choose the right variant: 1) Powerful military leaders of the Celts were known as … . a) warriors b ) druids с) kings. 2) The Celts had no … . a) cattle b ) towns с) nobility. 3) The nobility consisted of chieftains, military leaders and their … . a) warriors b ) slaves c) handicraftsmen 4) The sacred places of the Celts used by the druids were known as the … . a) Stonehenge b) barrows c) oak-groves 5) Children were brought up by … . a) the father b ) the birth-mother с) foster parents

Stratification of Celtic Britain. Fill in the chart::

Stratification of Celtic Britain. Fill in the chart: Social class Consisted of Occupation Priests Nobility Freemen Slaves

Brain Ring. Ask the other group questions about the Celtic…:

Brain Ring. Ask the other group questions about the Celtic… ??? ??? … image (appearance) and clothing … dwellings and occupation

Search Work: Blue Colour:

Search Work: Blue Colour Blue in psychology means: peace, harmony, security, fidelity, loyalty, eternal values, perfection, stability, intellect Scotland France The Netherlands Norway The UK Sweden Blue in English means: melancholy, grief, depression, deep thought Blue Flags

“Blue colour- phrases” in English::

“Blue colour- phrases” in English: Blue blood – the quality of being a nobleman. Blue collar – a nickname for an industrial worker. Blue pencil – to alter or remove; edit. Blues – 1. a slow, sad style of music; 2. lowness of spirit; melancholy. Blue stocking – a woman who is taught to be too highly educated. As a bolt from the blue – something unexpected and unpleasant. Out of the blue – unexpectedly. True-blue – completely loyal.

Fighting Celts:

Fighting Celts Use these words to fill in the gaps : Fighting was common among the Celtic … . In war-time the Celts wore skins and painted their faces with a blue … to make themselves look … . They were armed with … , … and … , and short pointed … . Their war- … were made of wicker and … of bronze were attached to the wooden wheels. The Celts … uttering loud cries. The spear had a … to frighten an enemy’s horse. The Celts were fond of horses, without the … of these sensible and trusty animals they would not have succeeded. Their horses were well-trained and tear at full gallop over stones and through the woods throwing down their masters’ enemy beneath their … , cutting them to pieces with the … of swords fastened to the wheels on each side. tribes fierce axes rattle scythes aid hoofs daggers dye blades charged chariots swords spears tribes dye fierce swords spears axes daggers chariots scythes charged rattle aid hoofs blades

Problem Solving::

Imagine a Celt with his three-categorial way of thinking (black-grey-white) Problem Solving: Friends Enemies in a partisan detachment during the Great Patriotic war. Would he become a betrayer? The Celtic “golden mean”


Matching: Holiday description Celtic name Modern analogue It was the main holiday in Celtic Britain, the day of peace when no one felt hatred or hostility to others. It was the time of contact with the creatures from the other world who turned visible. People expected the spirits of the dead to come, tided up houses, left food and drinks in the best tableware. The main symbol of it, Jack-o-Lantern, was used to frighten evil spirits. 1. Beltane 2. Lughnasadh 3. Samhain a) Halloween + All Saints’ Day b) Meadow’s Wedding c) May Day This holiday was devoted to home and fidelity. People burnt ritual fires. To light such a fire Druids used 9 sorts of trees. The birch is one of the symbols. A birch pole decorated with coloured stripes was used by the young men to dance around and tell fortunes. The traditional colours of the holiday were red and white. It was an agricultural holiday. People baked the first bread of the new harvest, believing that they ensured rich crops and plenty of fruit and catch.

Comment on Celtic art and handicrafts:

Comment on Celtic art and handicrafts

Study the extant Celtic languages. Make conclusions.:

Study the extant Celtic languages. Make conclusions. Language Total Speakers Area Breton 200,000 Brittany (France) Cornish 2,000 Cornwall (England) Irish Ireland 538,283 The UK 95,000 The USA 18,000 Ireland Manx 1,700 Isle of Man (a self-governing British Crown Dependency) Scottish Gaelic 92,400 Scotland Welsh 750,000 + Wales 611,000 England 150,000 Chubut Province, Argentina 5,000 Wales

Search work: Celtic names in modern world:

Search work: Celtic names in modern world “ Avon ” means “a river”. “ London ” originates from “Llyn+dun” which means "fortress on the hill over the river". “ Belgium ” is named after the Celtic tribe of the Belgs. “ Belfast ” means in Celtic “a ford” – “ брод ”. “ Britain ” comes from the name “the Brittons”. “ Dublin ” denotes “a black lake”. The Cambrian Mountains Cardiff Nantes Paris Poitiers the Seine Tours Troyes.

Celtic Mythology and Folklore::

Celtic Mythology and Folklore: Celtic Sagas Legends of King Arthur “Three candles that illuminate every darkness are: Knowledge, Nature and Truth”. Celtic Word of wisdom Celtic Poetry: I have been in many shapes: I have been a narrow blade of a sword; I have been a drop in the air; I have been a shining star; I have been an eagle; I have been a boat on the sea; I have been a string on a harp; I have been enchanter for a year in the foam of water. There is nothing in which I have not been.


Which of these animals were worshipped? Prove that the Celts worshipped nature. Brainstorm:

Individual Task:

Individual Task D R U I D S’ H O R O S C O P E

Victoria Khlgatyan:

Victoria Khlgatyan Ash Tree 30.05 Ясень

Olga Gennadjevna:

Olga Gennadjevna Apple tree 2 6 . 1 2 Яблоня

Problem Solving::

What do these women have in common? Queen Victoria Queen Elizabeth II Queen Scathach Queen Boadicea Queen Elizabeth I State the role of women in the Celtic society. Problem Solving:

Research Work::

Research Work: 1. Britain 1) Elizabeth I 2) Margaret Thatcher Princess Diana Queen Victoria 2. France Maria Antoinette 2) Edith Piaf 3) Coco Chanel 3. India 1) Mother Teresa 2) Indira Gandhi 5. Germany 1) Rosa Luxemburg 2) Clara Zetkin Top List of Great Women 4. Russia 1) Catherine II 2) Sophia Kovalevskaya 3) Valentina Tereshkova

Association game: Character via Music:

Association game: Character via Music Listen to some pieces of Celtic music and write down adjectives or phrases to describe the character of the Celts: “10 francs” “Spirit”


British Character, Way of Thinking Attitude to Nature Historic Landmarks : Stonehenge and the like Holidays : May Day, Halloween + All Saints’ Day Artistic Heritage: Handicrafts, Blacksmiths’ Articles Druids’ Tree Alphabet Languages : Breton , Cornish , Irish, Manx, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh Women’s Status and Role in the Society Celtic Contribution to World Culture

Sizing up:

“ Without the Celts our world and culture would have been grey and dull . . .” Sizing up

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