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How Document Management Solutions Benefit Government Agencies

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Government agencies must maintain high levels of constituent service even with shrinking resources. Document management in Phoenix is a solution that helps government agencies of all types maintain and even improve service levels. Among the benefits to local, county, and state agencies are cost and time savings, self-service solutions and increased transparency. In today's challenging environment, document management in Phoenix enables government agencies to do more with less. Although limited resources and strained budgets are the norm, an agency is nonetheless expected to maintain high levels of service to its constituents. Innovative solutions like document management improve agency services without requiring additional staff. In fact, these document management solutions even empower constituents to do more for themselves through self-service web sites and kiosks. Document Management Solutions Benefit Government Agencies

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Document management in Phoenix helps all types of government agencies improve performance. Agencies that benefit include: Local Government: Multiple departments - records, accounts payable, public works, community development, clerk of the board, fire, police, information technology, courts, human resources and more - can use document management solutions to improve customer service, meet records compliance requirements, and increase employee efficiency. County Government: Counties have used document management systems to make government operations more accessible to constituents through customer service centers, external-facing web sites, and self-service kiosks. Typical county departments that benefit from document management include records management, transportation, clerk of the court, treasurer, assessor, clerk of the board, public fiduciary, materials management, recorder, sheriff's office, information technology, finance and more. Document Management Solutions Benefit Government Agencies

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State Government: Like many agencies, Arizona’s state government has been plagued with job cuts. Successful document management in Phoenix allows each department within state government to provide, at a minimum, the same level of service to their constituents without additional staff. Court Systems: Document management solutions support various judicial systems including limited jurisdiction of cities/towns, general jurisdiction of counties, and the Arizona Supreme Court. Document Management Solutions Benefit Government Agencies

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Document management in Phoenix creates benefits that positively impact return on investment, including: Reduced cost of physical storage. Physical file storage, archival storage and offsite storage can largely be eliminated. Reduced cost of supplies. Since paper copies are cut significantly, so are the associated costs. Staff realignment. Because it takes less time to do a task, staff can either be reduced or reassigned to higher-value tasks. Improved efficiencies. Document management in Phoenix facilitates automatic document retention, fast and easy electronic file retrieval, and simultaneous viewing of the same document by multiple people. Improving ROI and Enhancing Agency Mission

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Cost and time savings clearly benefit government agencies. In addition to that, document management in Phoenix provides self-service solutions and promotes agency transparency. These two areas greatly impact an agency’s mission. Self-service: Document management technologies can support self-service and online service options that stretch the availability of government without increasing staff. Increased accessibility to government services, along with innovative delivery methods, advances the mission of government. Transparency: Transparency furthers an agency mission while simultaneously addressing growing legal requirements. Technologies like document management can combine with web-based applications to meet increasing responsibilities for government transparency. Improving ROI and Enhancing Agency Mission

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The tight budget and staffing climate adds scrutiny to government spending. Paper trails typically fail to meet the transparency expectations of constituents. As a result, transparency is becoming even more of a selling point for document management in Phoenix. The same document management solution that saves time and money can also provide access to public records through a web site or kiosk. Document management solutions help government agencies weather tough economic times without reducing service. In addition to cost reductions resulting from increased efficiencies, document management in Phoenix creates customer service improvements in the form of self-service and transparency initiatives. Improving ROI and Enhancing Agency Mission

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Ron Thompson, Jr. is the owner and CEO of OSAM Document Solutions, Inc. OSAM provides dynamic, customized document management solutions. For more information about document imaging solutions, visit About the Author

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