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Andaman Islands:

Andaman Islands By Brittany Gonzalez

World Map Traveling Map:

World Map Traveling Map

Explanation Why British Took Control:

Explanation Why British Took Control In 1788, Lord Cornwallis, the governor general of India, sent Lieutenant Archibald Blair and Lieutenant R. H. Colebrook to find the suitability of the island for housing the British colony. On the recommendation of these two officers of the British Regime in Andaman and Nicobar Islands that the fist settlement was established. The British established their colony in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. General Cornwallis


………. During this time, thousands of people were brought to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, who had to live in exile and were tortured gruesomely. The prisoners were made to suffer for their revolt against the British empire


Continued But the island was abandoned by the British in 1796; yet the British resumed control over the Island 19 th centaury. The British used the Andaman islands as a penal colony, which was named Kalapani or the cellular jail of Andaman island was established with the intention to house the criminals, especially the rebels, charges against disloyalty towards the British Regime.

Heading Towards Independence:

Heading Towards Independence Andaman Islands was not only under the rule of the British but also under the rule of Japan once. On March 21, 1942 the s econd World War introduced Japanese to control Andaman islands. The Japanese remain in power from March 1942 until October 1945. Both Nationalities stayed allies against the British for a while but then the Japanese suspected that the Adman people were having relations with the British. Due to a miss-understanding and doubt between the islands and the Japanese the relationship between them corrupted and was over with. Soon they returned under British control again.

Continued :

Continued But after the close of World War 2, the British Government announced its intentions to abolish the penal settlement. The Government proposed to employ former inmates in an intent to develop the island's fisheries, timber, and agricultural resources. The inmates in exchange would be granted return passage to the Indian mainland, or the right to settle in the islands. Workers from the island cut timber


…….. The post independence period in Andaman island started with the end of the British Rule in India. After a great political struggle on the same date that India gained their independence August 15 th , 1947 the Andaman islands were free from all dictation. Child with Indian Flag

Whats Intresting? :

ELEPHANTS SWIM ON THE ISLAND Whats Intresting ? They Got Some Big Fish! Bay Area

History :

History Its rumored to believe that Marco P olo was among one of the first explores to step on the Andaman islands.

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