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Douglas Orr Plumbing:

Save Money with Douglas Orr Plumber Fort Lauderdale ’s Leak Detection System Douglas Orr Plumbing

Expert Leak Detection:

Have you ever called a plumber for a leaky pipe, only to find they’ve caused even more damage? Has your Fort Lauderdale plumbing contractor repaired a drip, but failed to find the cause of the problem so that you have to spend time and money fixing it a second time? Expert Leak Detection

How Our Leak Detection System Works:

Douglas Orr’s Leak Detection System is more accurate and less invasive than others on the market. It involves state-of-the-art technology that isolates hard-to-find leaks by picking up vibrations or sounds caused by a faulty pipe. How Our Leak Detection System Works

State-of-the-Art Technology :

Our innovative technology locates leaks without causing unnecessary damage. Experienced technicians are able to detect hard-to-find leaks in any piping system. State-of-the-Art Technology

Thorough Analysis:

-Our contractors are able to determine if there is more than one issue causing concern. -Simple leaks could take anywhere from two hours to a day to detect. No matter what kind of leak, Douglas Orr provides: -Honest assessment of the problem -Efficient use of technology -Comprehensive detection Thorough Analysis

Fair Pricing Structure:

Douglas Orr charges an affordable, flat rate for the leak detection equipment, and then an hourly charge for labor . Rest assured you will only pay for the time it takes to locate your leak. Fair Pricing Structure

Call an Experienced Fort Lauderdale Plumber for Help:

Call Douglas Orr Plumbing for more information on how our Leak Detection system could solve your plumbing problems in Fort Lauderdale fast --the first time! Call an Experienced Fort Lauderdale Plumber for Help

Call an Experienced Fort Lauderdale Plumber for Help:

Call 1800DOUGORR or visit today! Call an Experienced Fort Lauderdale Plumber for Help

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