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Quantum Technologies provide the best Epoxy Coating Services in India. Get contact details for Epoxy Coating Services and Contract at 9811369958. Epoxy coating services can be used for industrial and commercial. Best Epoxy Coating Services.


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Welcome to QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY Group Engineering

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Quantum Technology established in 2002 with a mission of carving a place of respect and synergy with various services to Industry and Commercial establishments. Within of over 12 years Quantum became a leading name in various services like Epoxy and PU flooring.FRP linings anticorrosive coatings water treatment and other with focus on flooring and coating solution. we have offers in North West South and East India to quickly respond to customer service call. Our services have been well acknowledge by industry leaders by placing their respect orders for various plants located all over India. We use best application methodology and latest tools to ensure perfect installation of Epoxy Floor to specifications and color combination. About us

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Quantum Technologies provide best Epoxy Coating Services in India. Our Services

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An “epoxy coating services ” is the use of epoxy compounds in the form of coating or paints. It usually occurs in two parts which are mixed before application and consist of an epoxy resin that is cross-linked with a co-reactor or hardener. epoxy coatings services is prepared based on the requirements of the end products performance. It is a special selection and combination of epoxy and hardener components that defines the final characteristics and suitability of the epoxy coating for a given environment. Epoxy Coating Service

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oSelf Leveling Epoxy coating Service oHeavy Duty Epoxy Coating Service oAnti-Static Epoxy Coating Service Epoxy Coating Types

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oDurability oCleanliness oNon-Toxic oChemical Resistance Advantages

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Dis-advantages oMust use proper ventilation at all times. oThey are highly flammable. oThey have limited repairable because they do not ‘autobond ’ to previous coats. oInhalation of epoxy fumes can irritate and inflame the eyes lungs throat and nose. oInhalation of epoxy dust will get trapped in the mucus lining of the respiratory system.

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Application omilitary oMarine oAeronautical o automotive ogeneral business organizations

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Address Call us Head office address: Quantum Technologies Tel: 0129-2245458 J-30Sector 73Global industrial park Mobile: 9811369958 Faridabad 121001Haryana. Other Offices: Pune Surat Bengaluru Email Hyderabad Jamshedpur. infoquantumgroupindia.in

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