Patio Covers and the Undersides

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Patio Covers and the Undersides

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Have you recently added a patio new doors covers or arbors Then now may be the time to pay attention to the undersides. The undersides of your patio cover balconies and arbors are just as important as the top maybe more so as you will be looking at the undersides more than the roofs. Decathlon Construction is well known across Dallas for its world class quality construction. The company can build you a patio balcony or arbor with an open frame using a tongue and groove siding on top of the rafters. All the nails are kept hidden and guaranteed not to peep out through the roof. Decathlon Construction also offers many closed design which of course means you’ll have an underside.

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We guarantee top shelf professional service for any project we take on regardless of how big or small. To give the best quality of work we treat every job the same and apply the same level of professionalism to all of them. Our 10 years of experience in the field of construction have earned us our reputation after successfully concluding over 2000 projects to the satisfaction of our customers. Please visit or call us at 972 530- 3884 for more details.

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