Save Time and Money with the “right” Garage Floor

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Save Time and Money with the “right” Garage Floor

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You want the shine on your garage floor to last a long time without having to strip it re-cover it and repaint it over and over again Or just learn to live with the cracks oil stains. dirt build-up and paint flaking off Garage Floor Covering Garaginization offers garage floor covering completely dust and crack free. We can give you a nicer look and a better shine than a concrete floor covered with paint or covered with tiles. Concrete and tile cracks over time even with effort and money invested in maintenance. Those cracks provides a place for dust to collect as well as creates places that can become home for creepy crawler invaders. We create easily maintainable floors that do NOT crack and only needs light mopping with household cleaners to erase all the spills and stains. That means a lot less work for you and a lot less money you need to spend.

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Garage Floor Coating Our Polymer Garage Flooring is four times stronger than Epoxy Flooring. We install it to withstand even hot tires and still not peel off. Garaginization employs experienced professionals to install epoxy or polymer flooring skillfully and make sure your new floor enhances the look of your garage storage room or even commercial business floors. Contact us today to learn more about all the services we offer. Call us at: Dallas 214 230-2294 Fort Worth 817 600-2294 Visit for more information.

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