Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services in Delhi/NCR

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Better productivity comes with better environment be it home or office. OrganoDry deliver qualitative first - class and reliable professional cleaning services in Bathroom Cleaning. You always need clean and organized place to stay on or to work. best offers of your requirement, your can visit our site


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Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services in Delhi/NCR:

Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services in Delhi/NCR

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We have sourced the very best products & services around the world that have proven to be the most effective in cleaning your home and car with safe and ethical products to saves you time, energy and money The Organodry service team endeavors to make you feel delighted with the results as we provide a pristine treatment to your home and car that shall so impress you that you shall want to be a regular customer! ORGANO DRY

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Bathroom :- They one of the most frequently used room in the home and yet they are often the most overlooked when it come to cleaning. Perhaps it’s because we know that it will often involves a fair bit of elbow greases and in busy house holds there may be precious little time when the room is unoccupied for long enough to clean it properly.

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Bathroom Keep shower doors and curtains open after use to allow air circulation. Shake water from curtains, and squeegee water from the shower walls and door. Wipe up spills around shower or tub. Use an exhaust fan to remove moisture in the air. Regularly check for and repair leaks.


Bathroom Sanitize and disinfect toilets. Wash rugs weekly. Hang towels and wet items to dry, and launder at least weekly. Sanitize and disinfect sinks weekly. Wash shower curtains.

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Bathroom Cleaning Tips With the main elements of your bathroom clean and tidy, now it’s time to clean the other areas of your bathroom. Scrub or mop the bathroom floor with disinfectant. If you don't feel like doing this on your hands and knees, dampen a towel and shuffle across the floor with your feet. Take stock of everything in your bathroom cabinet, and throw out any empty boxes. Empty and disinfect your bin with a disinfectant. For the best effects, you should repeat the whole process once every week or two. This way, cleaning your bathroom will be quick and easy, as stains or dirt will not have the chance to build up!

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bENEFITS OF ORGANODRY Based on nature’s power of organics. New to India & exclusive to Organo Dry. Cleans with low moisture so dries quickly. Low cost and extends life of treated items. Latest advancement in machine technology. Long lasting effects, keeps cleaner for longer. Protects against moulds, bacteria & harmful germs. Saves electricity, saves money, saves time, saves energy!

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