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Organic food is food which is produced using environmentally and animal friendly farming methods on organic farms. These foods contain the most pesticides.


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Organic Food:

Organic Food Organic food products in daily life

What is organic food?:

What is organic food? Organic food is a product of a farming system that uses natural and regenerative processes: - crop rotation; - animal and plant manuring; - mechanical weeding; - biological pest control. It refrains from the use of any toxic chemicals.

Why Organic?:

Why Organic? The mission of a griculture is not only to produce enough food, but also to take account the effects to the: environment; human health; animal welfare; social and regional development .

Benefits of Organic Food:

Benefits of Organic Food Positive effect to biodiversity; Fewer contaminants (such as pesticides, antibiotics and nitrates); Scientific studies have shown, there are more vitamins and minerals in organically produced food: - In organic milk, more antioxydants, 50% more of vitamine E, beta-carotene.

Organic Foods we offer ::

Organic Foods we offer : Organic Atta Organic Baby Products Organic Chutney Organic Cooking Oil Organic Dal, Pulses and Beans Organic Dry Fruits and Nuts Organic Flours Organic Gel Organic Ghee Organic Health Products Organic sugar Organic baby products Organic women care products Organic jaggery Organic natural capsules Organic pasta Organic rice Organic salts Organic soap Organic spices Organic tea and coffee

Organic Food Products:

Organic Food Products

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