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Part 1: The Program Planning Cycle:

Part 1: The Program Planning Cycle Dr Sharleen O’Reilly, APD

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*Video by Speakfirst via YouTube

Learning outcomes:

Learning outcomes Describe the 3 main phases of the public health nutrition practice bi-cycle for project planning and the activities that are normally undertaken for each phase.

This lecture will help you::

This lecture will help you: Become familiar with the various stages of the program planning cycle for the management of programs. Understand the important considerations in the management of programs to address population nutrition issues.

The Program Planning Cycle:

The Program Planning Cycle

Public health nutrition practice bi-cycle (Hughes & Margetts 2011):

Public health nutrition practice bi-cycle (Hughes & Margetts 2011)

Stages of focus within PHN practice bi-cycle:

Stages of focus within PHN practice bi-cycle Community analysis and engagement Problem analysis Stakeholder analysis and engagement Determinant analysis Capacity analysis Mandates for action Intervention research and strategy portfolios Risk analysis and strategy prioritisation Writing statements for action Logic modelling Implementation and evaluation planning Managing implementation Process evaluation Impact and outcome evaluation Evaluating capacity gains Economic evaluation Reflective practice and valorisation

Community analysis and engagement:

Community analysis and engagement Who best represents a community? Building up community capital Bottom-up approach Component Possible source History Local library Historical societies Local consultation Demographics Local government Census data Chambers of commerce Observation Household types Census data Marital status Census data Population statistics Government health or statistics units Values and beliefs Observation Community consultation

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